Is Boxing Good For Your Core?

If you’ve done any type of boxing training, or boxing related workouts. You should be able to see the demand and focus that is put on your mid section. So when asking if boxing is good for your core? The answer is yes. In fact, the core is likely the top area of your body that most boxing exercises target.

When developing power and speed in boxing, a lot of emphasis is put on the strength of your core. Much of the power in your punches are dependant on the rotation in the middle area of your body. Consistently training through boxing and the related exercises will naturally strengthen and improve your core.

Typically when performing a complete boxing workout routine, there would be areas of the exercise that is primarily focused on abs and obliques. After going a couple of round with a punching bag or sparring. Many boxers finish their workouts by going into sit ups, crunches and planks to further develope the abdomen area.

Having a strong core is not only important for the offensive aspect of boxing. For professional boxers, having a tight and concrete mid section, allows them the ability to take punches as well as give them.

And for someone who’s in it for the fitness, although you won’t be getting hit, you’re still looking to reach your health and body goals. Which makes core exercises that much more important.

Do You Need To Train Your Core Everyday

Rest and recovery is important with any type of workout you choose. Going 100 percent everyday may feel like you’re doing a lot, but in the end you would likely be over working your body and risking injury.

Listening to the body and allowing it to recover is the best way to ensure proper growth and a balanced workout lifestyle.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t workout everyday. Having a working rotation of areas you would like to focus on is what most people do. For example, legs one day, chests the next day and so on. I’m sure you’ve heard that type of schedule before.

Applying it to boxing is not much different. You could focus on punching power, foot work and core strength to help separate your workouts and allow certain areas to recover.

On average, you should be looking at a strong core conditioning workout about 4 – 5 times a week. With this timeline, it should give your body sufficient rest in between, and also be consistent enough in making sure you put in the work and see results.

Can You Get Abs From Boxing

If getting better at boxing either for fitness or as a fighter is your main goal. And you’re following closely to boxing workouts and related exercises, you should naturally see improvements with your abs and obliques.

Boxing is a full body exercise, and when you include strength training, core workouts, and different types of cardio. You get a power house of a workout that is well balanced, and for me…fun.

Because boxing utilizes much of your core muscles, consistent work with punching bags or sparring helps burn fat and builds muscles.

To accelerate this, doing 15-20 minutes of ab intensive workouts on top of your main workout, is a good way to seeing faster and better results from boxing.

Something to note, boxing alone would likely not give you the abs you’re looking for. At most, possibly a slimmer waist. It’s the exercises that go well with boxing that gets the body and change you’re looking for.

When thinking of getting abs like boxers, I tend to choose exercises that work my abs and obliques but at the same time make it functional for boxing movements.

When punching, to get the power in your hits, you’re utilizing the torque in your body to produce the addition power.

I’ve often found myself looking for workouts that engage the core and utilizes a certain level of rotation around the mid section of the body.

Here are a few I have found very useful, that requires little to no equipment.

boxing helps develope core strength

Exercises For Core Strength

  • Hanging Leg Raises – This exercise can be done with any chin up bar or if you have a power tower. I particularly enjoy this workout because it is extremely focussed on your core but still utilizes your upper body and grip strength. While hanging on the bar, slowly lift your knees up to your body and back down, controlling your body and keeping it as still as possible.
  • Mountain Climbers – This type of core workout is also good for warm up exercises and cool down exercises. You start off similar to a plank position but on your hands and the tip of your feet. As fast as you can, you alternate lifting your knees close to the chest as if you’re running on the spot. Make sure to keep your core engaged and keep your body as still as possible.
  • Russian Twists – If you’re into boxing, this is a great complementary exercise. While on the ground, elevate your feet off the ground and engage the core. Keeping your feet as still as possible you begin to rotate your upper body from side to side. For added resistance use a medicine ball, dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • Bicycle Crunches – A good exercise to engage your abs and obliques. While sitting down you put your back to a half sit up position and alternate lifting your knees as if you’re riding a bike. When lifting a knee you try to touch the knee with the opposite elbow. As a result you would be doing crunches at the same time.
  • Planks – Super simple planks. I enjoy this exercise the most after a heavy workout. It’s a great way to cool down and keep your body in a more relaxed position. Leaning on your elbows and tips of your feet, you try to hold the position as long as you can making sure to engage the core when doing so.
boxing good for core


Core workouts and boxing go hand in hand. Improving as a boxer or boxing for fitness reasons naturally requires a strong core. When you’ve decided boxing and the related workouts is the path for you. You will find that many exercises you do will have a lot of focus on your mid area.

For those who are just looking to trim the muffin top and start seeing some abs again. I would highly recommend boxing as your choice of workout. It’s a fun way of exercising with plenty of options to keep fit.

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