Online Personal Fitness Trainer – What is it?

Many industries have changed over the years to be more efficient and reach the masses easier. The health and fitness industry is no different. And having an online personal fitness trainer is becoming more and more popular among individuals who swear by working out from home.

And why wouldn’t they? The cost of having a virtual personal trainer is much less than joining the gym and hiring one from them. With an online personal fitness trainer you get to be in the comfort of your own home. You would also get the guidance and journey map that would take you to achieving your health goals.

A key change in these online fitness apps is progressing from preloaded videos for a one size fits all approach. They were standard cookie cutter exercises and diet plans that were the same for anyone who downloaded the app.

Many newer apps now come with a team of professionals that can either be selected for you or you have the option of choosing for yourself.

The great thing about these programs is that you get to speak with the coach one on one, and allow to get a better sense of your goals and preferences. From there, they build out a workout schedule and diet plan that is totally specific to you alone.

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What Is A Online Personal Fitness Trainer

If you have a working home gym, you prefer to workout at home or you just simply aren’t available most times to head out to a gym. Joining a virtual personal trainer app could be the perfect solution.

A virtual personal trainer is a fitness and health coach that can be accessed online, usually through an app or website. It is the digital way of getting a health coach professional, similarly as you would in a gym but in the comfort of your own home.

The virtual personal trainer would work with you in setting and reaching whatever goals your are looking for that is related to fitness. They would be able to monitor your progress through the app and if you had questions or concerns they can be easily reached.

Having a professional at your finger tips and having someone help keep you accountable at the same time is what makes this digital age of personal fitness instructors so appealing.

How Does It Work

After you sign up with the app or website. We recommend CoPilot. You would be taken to a survey or questionnaire that helps them learn about you and your lifestyle a bit more. From there you would either be matched with a coach or get the option of choosing the coach you feel would be best for you.

With CoPilot specifically, you get a one on one call right from the beginning to start discussing how you can effectively being your health journey. With your coach you would discuss what form of training you have access to. Whether a local gym, home gym, or nothing at all.

With that information they are able to build out a plan for you to get started with what you have available, and also advise on what kind of diet or other related topics that may be of interest to you.

Getting instructions or feedback can vary widely. You may communicate through video chat or voice call. But most likely if you needed some tips or had a general question. Sending a text, email or video recording of yourself would be the most efficient way to get the dialog going.

Do You Need Equipment

Teaming up with an online fitness instructor typically means they will construct a complete plan that fits your life and lifestyle. Meaning if you have no equipment your instructor can build a plan that only involves what you have available.

This could mean bodyweight exercises, using objects around the house or even the park around the corner.

They will help figure out where you are at in your fitness journey. And make a suitable plan that allows you to get right into it.

If you do happen to have a modest home gym or one that is fully stocked. The online personal trainer would adapt and work with you to plan out how you can achieve the greatest chance of success.

It may also be something to try if you have been the DIY home exercise type. Following along on exercises you found on Youtube or recipes you’re trying from google. A virtual instructor could help validate your findings. Or even adjust course if there is something else that is a better fit.

online personal fitness trainer via video chat

Is An Online Personal Fitness Trainer Worth It

Often times people quit or don’t reach their goals due to planning and discipline. They put together a plan and execute but after a few weeks things tend to fall apart or life gets too busy.

Having someone to help with the accountability, a professional someone at that. Is a good way to help ensure you stay on track and are getting results. Joining efforts with an online trainer helps keep your goals and workouts on track in a more convenient fashion.

They are also typically cheaper than a gym membership. On average, an online personal fitness trainer can run you about $70-$100 a month. Which is already cheaper than joining a gym where added cost of a personal trainer is on top.

Of course, the trade off is all the equipment you get access to. And thinking about how often you would using each equipment. The cost of the personal trainer and the amount of times you’d be at the gym per week or month. The money starts to add up.

Having a professional at your finger tips that is there to guide you. And especially at a fixed cost for the month, just sounds like the better deal.


The online personal fitness trainer industry is growing. Having a personal fitness instructor 24/7 is becoming more and more appealing to many. With the lower prices, private instructors and personal plans. It begins to make more sense in choosing virtual instructor over a live person. Especially if you live a busy lifestyle.

With average rates of $30-$100 dollars per hour for a personal trainer, it just doesn’t make as much sense anymore doing it live.

If you are interest in finding an online coach for yourself, you can get started with CoPilot.

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