About Us


Welcome to thebasementwarrior.com website. My name is Austin, founder and main writer here on the site.

I have a background in film production and finance and have made a career in the sports broadcasting industry. Because of my busy lifestyle, I found myself with minimal time in the day to head out to a gym and put in the proper time needed. Especially with a growing family, being at home became vital.

In order to fill that need I decided to build a space in my basement to workout – a home gym.

This was five years ago. I have went through different types of equipment and workout styles. And have become very knowledgable in many – mainly boxing and calisthenics.

Which comes to the reason why I wanted to start this site. Blogging about one of my passions and sharing with like minded people has become a priority for me. And having a complete resource for home gym / fitness questions is what i’m striving to achieve.