Decathlons Push Up Grips – A Complete Review

Bodyweight exercises are an easy and effective way to stay fit that can be done anytime and anywhere. They require minimal to no equipment or setup, making them accessible to anyone.

However, like any repetitive task, eventually you’ll get to a point where the same exercise will not be as effective or challenging unless the difficulty is increased.

With traditional weight training, you would naturally move on to slightly heavier weights. And with bodyweight exercises you would increase repetitions or progress into a harder version of your exercise.

To continue challenging yourself without relying solely on increasing reps, moving on to a progression of your current work out would be the best way to slightly increase the intensity of the workout, while still focussing on certain areas of your body.

Having a few simple pieces of equipment such as dip bars and parallettes can go a long way. Not to mention adding a wider range of exercises you can include in your arsenal.

In this article, we are going to review Decathlon’s version of parallettes. Simply named “Push up and Slide 4 in 1” under one of their brands Corength, it’s a simple tool that could take your calisthenic exercises to the next level.

After trying them out as part of my own workouts, here are my thoughts.

About Decathlon And Corength

Decathlon is a European sporting goods retailer originating from France. They’ve earned a reputation for offering affordable products that cater to active lifestyles. While they cover a broad spectrum of sports and activities, including biking, canoeing, racket sports and much more, Decathlon offers home gym fitness and accessories under their brand, Corength.

If you’re looking to set up a home gym, Decathlon has you covered.

What sets Corength apart is their commitment to designing high quality products in-house and keeping them accessible to a wide customer base. From resistance bands to multi-function home gyms, and more, Corength ensures quality and innovation in every aspect of home gym equipment.

Overview Of The Push Up Grips And Accessories

As simple as it is, you can tell Corength put quite a bit of thought in this product.

At first glance, it seems like they were trying to create an easy-to-use tool that still gives tremendous value and versatility. Instead of just having the grips alone, they included a set of sliders as well as instability pads that could all be used together or separate, depending on what you want to do in your workout. Attaching them together is as simple as clipping them on and off to use how you see fit.

Here’s my take on each feature.

The Grips
Despite being made of plastic and rubber, they are remarkably sturdy, capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. The grips offer a stable platform for various exercises, including pushups, thanks to their well-designed grip area as well as sturdy bottoms. However, the handles are only about 2 inches off the ground, meaning if you’re looking for something with more advanced techniques, such as L-sits than these won’t be right for you.

The Sliders
These double-sided discs are meant to slide on different surfaces. Whether you have hardwood flooring, tile or carpet, you will be able to use these discs for many sliding type of exercises. Think mountain runners, ab rollers or yoga type workouts. The sliders can be clipped directly into the grips or used independently on your knees and feet.

The Instability plates
This attachment feature a rounded bottom, enhancing instability to isolate muscles and improve control during exercises. They elevate pushups to a higher level, challenging and strengthening muscles effectively. These benefits make them ideal for advancing your fitness routine and skill level.

First Impressions And My Take

Like mentioned earlier, the grips, the plates and instability attachments are made of plastic and rubber so it actually is mind blowing to me how strong and durable they feel when using them. Despite the materials, they do feel that they are built to last if used in reasonable conditions. Like anything else, with proper care and proper usage, these are going to be an amazing, low-cost investment.

Are these right for you?

These would be the perfect addition to someone who

  • trains moderately
  • is focussing on bodyweight exercises
  • has a limited amount of space to workout in their home

For those who are already into movement based fitness and workouts or calisthenics, these grips and slides would be great for you to include in your everyday workout routine.

The price point of these grips would be a no brainer, especially when compared to the other types of fitness equipment. If you’re just looking to start working out and getting active, they would be perfect to suit your needs as a beginner.

If space in your home or office is a concern. These would also be a great solution as well. Add a yoga mat or rubber mat and you have yourself a small home gym.


Decathlon’s “Push Up and Slide 4 in 1” grips can be a game-changer for bodyweight training at home. Despite their plastic and rubber build, they are made to last and provide a stable grip for exercises like advanced pushups.

Unique features include double-sided sliders for smooth movements on various surfaces and instability plates that enhance core engagement during pushups. These versatile parallettes offer quality and affordability, optimize workouts and space effectively which making them perfect for home gym setups and both beginner or advanced bodyweight exercise enthusiasts.

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