Vevor Reflex Bag With Spinning Bar – A Full Review

For many home gym enthusiasts who loves a home boxing workout, the go-to piece of equipment is often the trusty punching bag.

After all, other boxing gear like speed bags, reflex bags, or spinning bars might appear somewhat excessive for those who simply enjoy a good workout rather than aspiring to become the next Muhammad Ali.

However, before you dismiss the idea, I’m hear to tell you that reflex bags, spin bars, speed bag are for anyone who enjoys boxing or using it as an exercise. After all, if you’re already boxing at any capacity, why not go all in?

If you don’t even know where to begin, lets start with the Vevor Spinning Bar Reflex Bag.

When it comes to boxing as a fitness plan, the reflex bag could be your secret weapon. Not only does it elevate your cardiovascular endurance, but it also hones your reaction time, accuracy, and agility – skills that every boxer, regardless of their level, can benefit from.

In this article, we’ll be putting the Vevor Spin Bar Reflex bag to the test, scrutinizing its features, durability, and overall performance.

Does it deliver? is it worth the investment? Is it a good piece of equipment for your current home gym?

Let’s find out.

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Overview Of The Vevor Spinning Bar Reflex Bag

The Vevor reflex bag and spinning bar can be a comprehensive boxing equipment designed to elevate your boxing game.

This model specifically includes a spinning bar, a compact speed bag, suction cups for the base’s stability, and even a pair of bag gloves to complete the setup.

At first glance, it might resemble a typical reflex bag, but its quite different overall and will have different uses – there’s no bend in the bag, making it ideal as a precision target.

The standout feature here is the spinning bar, which is mounted on a swivel mechanism, allowing it to rotate freely. You can treat it like a counter attack from a live opponent, where you are required to either duck, block or fade when using it.

The base of the Vevor reflex bag comes with suction cups, ensuring it stays firmly anchored during your heavier workouts. This feature is especially valuable for those seeking an active workout that involves footwork and body movement, as it encourages a dynamic training experience.

When it comes to the build quality, the Vevor reflex bag is at a quality that meets standard expectations. All the components, apart from the base, are crafted from high-quality metal and fit together seamlessly.

In essence, the Vevor Reflex bag and Spin Bar offers a well-rounded boxing experience, blending precision training and cardio. Its a fun way to box at home and stay active.

Assembling The Vevor Reflex Bag

Setting up the stand for this equipment was surprisingly quick, taking only about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Although the instructions lacked step-by-step guidance and detailed descriptions, they did include helpful photos showing where each part should fit. This visual aid made it relatively easy to assemble, even for those unfamiliar with such equipment. It comes with all necessary nuts and bolts as well as tools.

The initial steps involved placing the suction cups on the base and filling it with either water or sand, a process that was straightforward. Once the base was ready, everything else fell into place, covering the hole on the base as intended.

Just remember to fill the base with either water or sand since the rest of the unit will cover the opening as you put the rest of the stand together.

How Did The Reflex Bag Perform

Now, here comes the fun part – using the spinning bar bag. Admittedly, I’d never tried a spin bar reflex bag before, so the anticipation was pretty exciting. I had this inkling that it would be somewhat similar to using a reflex bag, but the dynamics turned out to be quite different.

If you’re accustomed to a reflex bag, be prepared for a bit of an adjustment period with this. Unlike a reflex bag, where the speed bag flexes toward you, the spinning bar comes around more like hook punches. It’s a game-changer if you’re looking to sharpen your defensive skills.

The base of the bag had a satisfying weight to it, and those suction cups really seemed to make a difference.

The spinning bar was really responsive and can come around quite quickly. Just make sure you’re always ready when you’re within striking zone.

Overall, the bag felt securely anchored, which is always a relief. However, I must admit that I didn’t go all out with 100% strength. Since I’m relatively new to this specific type of punching bag, I focused more on refining my technique rather than trying to obliterate it.

Who would this be good for?

So, who exactly would benefit from this equipment? Well, it’s a good choice for anyone who enjoys boxing as a form of exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just starting out and eager to learn the basics of boxing, this equipment has something to offer.

However, it’s essential to note that while the quality is commendable, it may not entirely meet the needs of well-trained boxers where sheer strength becomes a critical factor in their training regimen. If you’re at a level where you’re pushing the boundaries of your physical capabilities, you might find this equipment less challenging in terms of resistance. Nonetheless, for those seeking an effective and engaging way to improve their boxing skills and maintain an active fitness routine, it certainly hits the mark.

Features Of the Bag

Now lets talk about what you get from the Vevor Spinning Bar reflex bag. There is a bit more features then you would come across with regular punching bags, and Vevor generously throws in a couple of extra items as well.

  • Speed Ball – features a durable inflatable speed ball made from wear-resistant and anti-aging PU leather, ensuring long-lasting use and comfort for your hands. Its rapid response design is geared towards enhancing punch velocity and muscle elasticity, while also providing a slight rebound. For your convenience, a pump is included. Additionally, the coil is relatively stiff, allowing for easy assembly by screwing it into the main base pole, with the speed bag secured on top.
  • 360° Reflex Spinning Bar – The flexible spinning is good for both exercise as well as working on fight technique. The bar is both firm and smoothly spinning, well oiled and well made for optimal performance. The spinning bar is encased in foam and enveloped in PU leather. While the bar maintains a certain stiffness, it avoids being overly hard. It won’t hurt too much if you get it while working out, but you should still use it for its purpose.
  • Height Adjustable – the stand is designed to comfortabluy adjust to heights ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet, accommodating individuals of various ages and heights, even great for kids. It also makes it more compactable for storage. Adjusting the height is a simple enough, there are no notches for different height settings, so you can tighten the screw anywhere along the pole to find the exact right fit for you.
  • Stable Base – Like most free standing punching bags, there is a large base that holds down the entire bag, and is usually filled with water or sand. What was different with the Vevor stand was that it also came with suction cups that screw in to place on the bottom. This actually gave it more stability and less chance of it to slide around.
  • Added Boxing Gloves – Gloves are added to the package as “gifts” from Vevor. They are bag gloves, with a hole for the thumb, it feels like a single layer of foam is what cushions your hand. I didn’t opt to use them as I prefered my own gloves.


If you’re aiming to elevate your boxing skills, the Vevor spinning bar is a game-changer that you shouldn’t overlook. While a standard punching bag is excellent for casual workouts, if you’re seeking a more intense and dynamic experience, this equipment is a must-have.

The Vevor spinning bar introduces a whole new dimension to your training, demanding active footwork and body movement, making it a no-brainer for those looking to take their boxing to the next level. What’s even better is its straightforward setup process and space-efficient design, making it a practical and valuable addition to any home gym. So, if you’re ready to enhance your boxing prowess and enjoy a high-intensity workout that challenges your agility and reflexes, the Vevor spinning bar is the solution you’ve been searching for.

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