Decathlon’s Outshock BG500 Boxing Gloves – The Complete Review

With the countless options of boxing gloves in the market today. It is easy to get lost with all the noise.

The worst part is, many of them are just simply getting better with their product and design. Differentiating between them and deciding which ones would be right for you is simply becoming a challenging proposition.

In the conversation of boxing gloves, Outshock (a division of Decathlon) wouldn’t be a typical brand you hear very often in North America.

But I had to try them out for myself.

I recently got my hands on a pair of Outshock BG500 boxing gloves – a model considered to be on the higher end of what Outshock offers.

The target customer base is the intermediate boxer or those that are more serious about training from home.

I was able to put these gloves to the test by seeing how they perform in my regular home workout routine and see if they would be a good fit.

What I look for in boxing gloves is a good balance between comfort and safety. Especially when I would primarily be using them on a punching bag or reflex bag.

So after a couple of weeks, did the Outshock 500 stand up to the test? Were they comfortable? Did they provide ample security? Are these boxing gloves worth it?

Should they be put in to the conversation of reputable brands?

Let’s find out.

About Decathlon And Outshock

Decathlon is a European sporting goods retailer originating from France. They earned a reputation for offering affordable products that cater to active lifestyles. While they cover a broad spectrum of sports and activities, including biking, canoeing, racket sports and much more. Decathlon also has a line for combat sports and even a specific division called Outshock. If you’re looking to establish a home boxing gym, Decathlon has you covered.

What sets Outshock apart is their commitment to designing high quality products in-house and keeping them accessible to a wide customer base. From heavy bag stands to reflex bags, gloves, wraps, and more, Outshock ensures quality and innovation in every aspect of combat sports gear.

Overview Of The Outshock BG500 Boxing Gloves

Outshock boxing gloves have some design features and traits that are something you would typically find in higher priced gloves.

To have these features at much more affordable pricing is refreshing to see. Features such as:

  • the circular cuff wrist locks
  • the dual density foam padding
  • thumb attachment
  • Polyurathane Material

The stand out attribute for me of the Outshock 500 boxing gloves is the circular cuff design. It almost feels like a variation of the “hook and loop” design from brands like Everlast, where you fasten the wrist area before “locking” it with the velcro.

Most gloves just have a pull over strap, which can be easier to use but it doesn’t feel as secure as you would want to.

When it comes to construction, these gloves feature dual-density foam for optimal cushioning and hand protection. The padding runs through out the entire glove, from the punching surface all the way down the back of the hand and wrist, plenty of protection.

The polyurethane covering feels durable and long lasting. It wouldn’t crack or peel easily but you should still take the proper steps in glove care.

[product_display title=”Outshock 500 Boxing Gloves” description=”Designed for intermediate boxers looking for versatile gloves for medium-intensity training while sparring or with the punching bag. Check out these gloves that are specifically designed for comfort thanks to their dual-density ergonomic foam and circular cuff wrist lock.” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Decathlon” button_link=”″ banner_text=”Outshock” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

First Impressions Of The Outshock 500

I didn’t know what to expect when these gloves arrived at my doorstep. As I said Outshock and the brand Decathlon was pretty new to me. Here were my first impressions.

The Look:

  • Sleek Profile: The Outshock 500 boxing gloves has a slim profile design, deviating from the bulkiness typically associated with boxing gloves.
  • Shape Retention: These gloves are not floppy. Even when pushing them in from end to end they hold their shape well.
  • Strap Design: As I said, love the cuff design. However, it does make the opening of the glove a bit smaller. So it might take some getting use to when putting on both gloves.
  • Webbed Thumb Attachment: The inclusion of a webbed thumb attachment, although less common, helps with securing the shape of your fist.

The Quality

  • Thoughtful Design: The Outshock 500 gloves is a well thought out product. Comfort and security looks to be top priority.
  • Durable Polyurethane Covering: The polyurethane material used for the glove’s exterior feels durable and long-lasting.
  • High-Quality Stitching: The stitching quality feels strong, there is no signs of loose ends or any seams about to come apart.

The Fit:

  • Sizing Recommendation: If possible, consider sizing up as these gloves tend to run small.
  • Thumb Area: The thumb of the glove might be snug. I would recommend to try on a pair to find the right size.
  • Have The Right Hand Wraps: In order to wear the gloves comfortably I had to wear a pair of shorter hand wraps as opposed to the regular 180 inch pair.

The Cost:

  • Value: Given the design focus on material and features, the pricing of these gloves is exceptionally reasonable.
  • Comparative Advantage: Even when compared to gloves from more established brands within the same price range, these gloves will stand out.
  • Competitive Pricing: Priced at $60 Canadian ($55 USD), they are definately a pair to consider amongst some of the other leading brands.

How Did They Perform

So after a couple weeks of strictly using the BG500s, how did they perform?

Well I used them primarily on the punching bag and reflex bag. With everything I’ve said about the quality of these gloves, the security, the padding, etc. These gloves held up well.

Right off the bat, the comfort of the gloves were really noticeable and this didn’t cause any sacrifice to the security.

After a couple of uses, I was hoping to have stretched out the interior a bit more, but I think overall it just needs to be bigger. For my average sized hands along with the hand wraps, it was pretty borderline in size.

But in terms of the workout, even with a snug fit it didn’t interrupt the workout much. To be safe, try them on at the store or try a pair that is heavier then what you typically are use to.

Aside from that, I like how you can wail at the punching bag and not feel a thing. You won’t get any hand shift inside the glove, even when hitting the heavy bag at 100%.

The shock absorption is impressive, the dual layer foam works well in taking on the impact when hitting. And will be pretty forgiving if you tend to mishit the bag.

Part of the reason why they are so comfortable is the interior polyester lining, it gives it a comfortable grip, but in my opinion it may be extra material especially in the palm area. There is a mesh lining at the palm of the glove but there is still a layer of polyester against your hand that may restrict optimal breathability.

In terms of who these gloves are good for?

Being very stable and protective.

I will keep these gloves for those that are just looking to train at home or in the gym but primarily using them for punching bags.

You could use them as sparring gloves as well. But with the added straps and some material that you need to cut off prior to use. I would likely opt for a pair of gloves that are more specific for sparring.

They also won’t provide much feed back to your punches. If you’re use to feeling how your punch lands on a target or you’re just working on punching technique, due to the density level of the glove you might not get the information you’re looking for.


Comparing the price vs value, I believe the Outshock 500 boxing is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced boxers.

When compared to competitors, the Outshock 500 gloves stand out for their affordability coupled with their features. In my opinion the potential for future upgrades in these gloves can quickly add them to the conversation of boxing gloves you should have in your arsenal.

Overall, these gloves are a great option, especially for those starting their boxing journey or seeking reliable pair for their training.

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