How High Should A Speed Bag Be?

Whether you’re setting up a speed bag at home or adjusting the height at a gym, there are a couple of options that will help you get a more comfortable and optimal workout done. So, how high should a speed bag be?

To start, have your speed bag at a comfortable level where your arms and shoulders do not get tired too easily. The belly of the bag or the widest part of the bag, should be at the same level of your mouth. Allow your arms and elbows to be slightly lower then your shoulders which gives a more comfortable routine. As you get more comfortable and your arms do not get tired as easily, raising the the speed bag with the belly at nose or eye level will help give your shoulders more of a work out.

Many Speed bags are adjustable, either by a crank wheel or a slider bar with lock. If you’re installing one at home to the wall or ceiling and already know that it is not easily adjusted.

Try setting it up slightly higher, around the nose height or mount it in a way where it’s easily removed and reattached.

How To Hit A Speed Bag

With your speed bag set up properly and at your optimal height, you’re ready to begin your work out.

Whenever beginning a contact sport type excercise, be sure to always have your hand wraps on. The hand wraps will protect your knuckles and fingers from the constant impact you will be doing.

If you’re a beginner, start with one hand and get accustomed to the rhythm and bouncing of the ball. When hitting the speedball, you will see and hear – first your hand making the contact on the ball, the ball bouncing of the top board on one end, and then again on the other end. Repeat the movement again, getting familiar with the motion and sounds.

As you get better at this you can alternate hands, while keeping the same rhythm. When you feel you mastered this technique you can slowly increase your speed while alternating your hands for the faster motions.

Test yourself by trying different combinations and alternating your hands after different combinations.

The more rapid punches you land on the speed bag, the faster it will sway or bounce. In return causing you to adapt and become faster as well. Its a great work out to build your accuracy, rhythm and stamina. As well as increase your punch speed.

How Long Should You Hit A Speed Bag

For most, spending time on a speed bag is the preferred option for a warm up or cool down portion of their work out. It is a good way to work on arm, wrist and punch strength as well as your hand eye accuracy.

On average, 20-30 minutes every other day is a good timeframe to spend on a speed bag and not over tire yourself too much. But of course, you should follow what your body is comfortable with and work your way up if needed.

As a beginner, it is important to not rush the basics of using a speed bag. Building the foundation of form and technique will likely help improve overall experience and not get discouraged too quickly. Even spending a 10 minutes everyday working on your rhythm and contact can do wonders for you in a few weeks.

Mastering your combos for the speed bag little by little, should be the amateurs journey to building their speed and strength.

When To Replace A Speed Bag

Every few weeks or months (depending on how much you use your speed bag). Is a good idea to give your speed bag a general inspection. Make sure your mounting is secure, or if your speedball and the attachments are still in good shape.

You may start noticing that some areas of the speedball and mounting will seem to show the effects of consistent use of the equipment. If thats the case, you should address the problem areas immediately, whether it be loose screws and mounting or the board is starting to come apart.

Another sign that you will need to look for is if your speedball is starting to look deflated. Having an air leak will result in your speedball not giving the right bounce and give when doing your workout.

If you do find a leaky ball, it’s not a bad idea to replace it with a new one. Although another option is to fix the bladder of the ball which would take some “surgery”. You can see how here.

How Much Air Does A Speed Bag Need

After awhile you may start to see your speed bag deflating and seem a bit flat. It’s common from what I see that many who own a speed bag, say that they need to give a bit of air every week or two to keep their ball at the proper pressure.

To inflate your ball, you would need a ball pump with needle. Similiar to one that you would use for a volleyball or basketball. Its important not to over or under inflate your ball – a good standard would be between 4-6 PSI, pump the ball until all the wrinkles are out of the ball and it is firm all around.

You should still be able to push into the ball with your thumb with some resistance. Most manufacturers would have their own recommended amount of air for their products. If you have a gauge its best to follow the manufacturers standard.


A speed bag is a great way to build arm strength and speed. Its also a routine that challenges many areas of your body making it a must to be involved in your full body workouts.

Properly adjusting the height of your speed bag is a good way for beginners to not over exert themselves as well as practice proper form and get into their routine. Also knowing when and how to maintain your speed bag will help overall quality and life span.

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