How Often Should You Do Calisthenics

Finding an addicting style of workout is pretty hard to come by. However thats how I felt when I started my calisthenics journey. I chose this style to be my main form of workout because of how natural it felt and at the same time, fun. But can you do calisthenics everyday?

When doing any type of strength training, it is always important to rest and alternate muscle groups for every workout. Calisthenics workouts are a great way to get in shape and be performed daily provided you still follow proper safety measures.

When I first started my calisthenics journey, I had very little experience in strength training. And to be honest the amount of gym equipment out there was pretty overwhelming. Also the thought of doing the same routine repetitively seemed boring.

I knew I wanted to workout often and with calisthenics the types of routine becomes a progression into other variations.

For example, with a regular pull up. It can start out as a negative pull up, where you only work on the down ward motion. This could progress to a full pull up, weighted pull up, L-Sit Pull up and many other variations that calisthenics style workouts have to offer.

The progression workouts in calisthenics is one of the main reasons why this type of workout interests me. And what keeps me coming back everyday.

Being able to have goals other than adding another weight to the bar, like with gym equipment, is what makes calisthenics exercises – the workout – for many.

Not to mention typical gym workouts solely focus on one muscle, and although you are building that particular muscle, you are likely neglecting other related muscles around it.

Which is not the case for calisthenics, when done properly.

What I’ve learned was if I wanted to have a great calisthenic workout everyday. The best way that worked for me was to plan out the routine beforehand. This allowed me to be prepared as well as performing the workout safely.

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How Many Hours Should You Train A Day?

When training, I rarely consider how long the training will be but more what kind of workout am I focusing on from start to finish.

It is important for me in my calisthenics journey to not skip steps and always work for the perfect form. And so should you.

It was never the case for me that I would cut myself off once the clock hit a certain time. Rather I’d would be done when my planned workout was done. Typically a workout would last about 30-40 mins if i’m focusing on a specific area.

With that said, how much time you want to put in your day towards calisthenics should be entirely up to you. Everyone’s body is different and will need their own time frame.

A good way to get an idea of how much time you will spend on your workout daily, is to plan everything out. What are your goals? What does it look like to get to these goals?

This way you can get a better idea of what your road looks like and you would be able to plan your daily routines accordingly.

Remember, calisthenics is largely dependant on master certain techniques in order to advance to other areas of exercise.

Can You Do Calisthenics Workouts Multiple Times A Day?

Being able to split up your regular calisthenics workout into multiple smaller segments would be a way of doing multiple calisthenics workouts a day.

Although there is no real reason to have multiple workouts if you are already achieving your daily goals. Putting in one or two more sessions in your day would depend on your level of fitness.

If your body would be able to handle a workout more than once a day, it be beneficial for things like building muscle and burning calories. However, this should be done with your safety in mind.

Something that you should consider is not to go overboard if you plan on doing multiple workouts a day.

By doing so, you are potentially not allowing enough rest in between workouts and can increase chances of overuse injuries.

Instead, to make the most out of multiple workouts a day. For each workout, focus solely on a specific exercise. Such as, arms in the morning, and legs in the afternoon. Something along those lines.

This way you spread out the workload a little wider. And not overwhelm your body.

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How Many Calisthenics Workouts A Week?

When planning out your workout routine for the week. One thing I tend to look for is how intensive will the workouts be. This will help me determine the frequency of the work outs for that week. They also should align with any health goals that you want.

For instance, if i’m planning on a full body hyper intensive workout that would last roughly an hour or 2. I’d be sure to put in rest days after that particular workout.

After such a heavy workout, its important to let the muscles rest, allow them to recover and grow. Not properly going through the recovery time could really hinder your growth in calisthenics as well as risk unwanted injury.

There are also weeks where I really want to focus down on particular muscles or form for specific exercises.

The daily workout sessions are generally less time consuming, around 30-40 mins. But at the same time i wouldn’t take a rest day. Instead, I would work on another area of my body that wasn’t used on the previous workout.


Calisthenics is a road of constant progression. Working out every day or every other week won’t get you far if you’re not perfecting your technique. In fact, if you’re not in it for creating the best form for your workouts. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice later down the road.

The good news is you don’t have to rush and you will still get a good workout no matter where you’re at in your calisthenics journey.

Planning and documenting your progress will help you reach your fitness goals. It would also give you a better idea of where you’re at in terms of how often you could effectively workout. And would help you plan out your daily, weekly and monthly exercises in order to reach those goals.

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