Is Boxing A Good Workout? What Are the Benefits?

african american man hitting a punching bag.

As as an everyday type exercise, boxing maybe a bit intimidating to start. Is it something you can do at home? Do you need all types of boxing equipment? Good news is, boxing as a workout could be with zero equipment, or you can invest into a full gym, up to you. But is it worth it to try boxing as a workout?

Boxing is one of the most effective workouts that involves and will test your entire body. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional for your body to enjoy the benefits that this sport can bring. Adding boxing to your regular work out routine, or building a workout schedule that goes hand in hand with the sport, will give you a complete full body workout.

Boxing is a anaerobic sport with aerobic demands, it is a high intensity exercise that requires agility and strength, which is why including cardio and condition workouts as part of your whole exercise arsenal is important.

Is Boxing Good For Cardio

woman shadow boxing

Whether you’re hitting the bag or sparring, or simply doing boxing related exercises. This activity will keep your body in constant movement. When training you will be submitted to high intensity interval training, or HIIT for short.

Most boxing related exercises mirrors that of an actual boxing match. Meaning you will be subjected to about three minutes of intense work, followed by one minute of rest or cool down period.

When adding in complementary exercises, such as jump ropes, running and weight training. Boxing becomes a very well rounded work out that will burn tons of calories.

Does Boxing Build Muscles

Not only will boxing give you a good sweat and cardio into your work out. While doing so, it is a great way to build and tone muscles. Now to be clear, the act of boxing alone will tone your muscles more then build them.

woman with boxing gloves

That is why we recommended to apply other types of workout that benefits you. For example, ab workouts that strengthen your core, will in return strengthen punches as well as gain punch speed.

Working on a punching bag consistently will also help gain muscles. When striking a bag, the muscles in your arms, legs, back and body core are all engaged. Also choosing the right weighted boxing glove can really help elevate your workout by giving a level of resistance.

The heavier the glove does not necessarily mean more muscle built. But the heavier the glove is, will depict how quick your arms get fatigued.

Does Boxing Require Equipment

Another benefit with boxing as an exercise, is it doesn’t take expensive equipment or any at all to get started. Hand wraps, a pair of gloves, a punching bag or even a jump rope is sufficient to get a decent work out in and the good part is the combined cost of these, is still less then heavy machinery such as treadmills, weight benches and smith machines.

Of course its not a bad idea to add speed bags or some weights somewhere down the road, to get a more complete gym and workout. But thats only if you want to expand your gym or feel what your current workout is lacking something.

If you’re a beginner and unsure, you can try starting with shadow boxing along with running, pushups and sit ups.

Boxing Related Workouts

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Boxing in itself will give you a great workout. It is very common that sit ups or push ups along with other forms of exercise will be implemented when doing your workout. Especially if you’re following an video on demand or youtube schedule.

If you’re having trouble finding simple workout ideas that compliment your exercise. There are a variety of work outs that can help improve your overall boxing routine. Choosing to adopt these are a good way to build strength and speed into your punches, flexibility with your body and high level cardio.

Jump RopeA great way to get cardiovascular weight training, jump rope gives good exercise to your legs as well as coordination and strengthening. Its a perfect way to warm up before or cool down after your boxing workout.
RunningAn obvious work out that helps build endurance and breath work. Many boxers train to last 12 rounds and not get “gassed”. Running helps with burning calories as well as get some cardio going.
Shadow BoxingShadow boxing is a great way to get your body warmed up before a work out. Shadow boxing similar to running on the spot, you’re conistantly in movement another option for a cardio work out. Add some boxing gloves or wrist weights to help tone muscle.
Weight LiftingLifting weights helps accelerate muscle building and toning. Being able to incorporate this type your work out would only help you gain punch strength as well as gain punch speed.
Speed Ball With a speed ball or bag, you’re able to include hand eye coordination and stamina work into your work out. Many boxer utilize this exercise for accuracy and punch speed. Plus it is a great for cardio as well.

Learn A New Skill

For me personally, I prefer a work out that doesn’t feel like a workout. That is why I like boxing as an exercise. Let me explain, when working out if i need to spend 20 minutes on a treadmill and 30 minutes with barbells etc. It gets a bit stale and uninteresting for me really quickly.

Although these exercises are very effective and focuses exactly on what you want to do, just knowing me, having a “mundane” and “typical” workout routine. Its more likely to become boring and a reason for me to push it down my list of priorities.

Of course, it all depends on what your health goals are. I’m not looking to become a beach bod god, or the next instagram model. For general work out, to get the heart pumping, break out a sweat and to get active, this is the route i would much prefer.


Working out should be enjoyed. That is whats going to get you to come back again and again. To stay consistent. At first a regular work out may be enjoyable because its new and you feel good. But after a few weeks or months, this feeling could fade.

It does for many, and myself included. So if you want to have a rotational work out, try introducing boxing into your routine. Its a style of exercise that can be different every time.

If you’re a bit lost or don’t know where to start. There are a variety of programs out there that have a video on demand exercises that you can choose your style and length of your work out, such as Fight Camp or Title Boxing Club. Both have their benefits and price ranges.

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