Learn The Punches That Make A Boxing Combination

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Ever wonder how boxers can throw punches so fast with their trainers and not miss a beat? They are both moving at lightning speed and maintaining total accuracy. As part of their training, fighters will work on their boxing combos with a heavy bag or a partner, to work on their punches and their movements.

Boxing combos is a flow of punches and movements that are used by boxers when attacking or counter attacking. There are 6 basic punches in boxing that when put together make up a boxing combination. A good punch combination allows the opportunity of follow up strikes, immediately after the initial punch.

Practicing these combinations can be done with a partner, on a punching bag or just shadowboxing. Being consistent in your training will improve your overall work out and technique.

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What Are Boxing Combinations

A boxing combo utilizes the six basic punches of boxing or slight variations of them. Boxing combinations are typically used in training to improve a fighters punch and movement. Extensively training with this format helps allow the boxer in a real fight situation to be quicker and stronger.

The types of punches that are out lined below are numbered in the boxing world. By doing this, trainers are able to easily convey what punch to use in the boxing combo. And fighters can easily remember what punch it is based on the number.

The numbering system is used primarily for the orthodox fighting stance. Where every odd number refers to the left hand for the punch and even number being for the right hand.

Also, a great way to stay in shape when boxing from home. Training on your boxing combination can be a full body work out and help develop strength and stamina. At the same time learning some basic movements of boxing.

Six Basic Punches In Boxing

Learning the basic punches in boxing and how to use them in a sequence, will help you create and develop your boxing combos. For beginners we have outlined the punches with brief descriptions.

  1. The Jab
    The basic and one of the more versatile types of punches. To perform a jab – fully extend your lead hand out in front of you. At the same time, take a step forward and gradually turn your hand until the knuckles face upward and ideally right before impact.
    Jabs are commonly used to maintain or gauge distance with a target. Also to set up multiple strikes from your boxing combination.
  2. The Cross
    Usually a follow up to the jab, a cross punch is performed with your rear hand by fully extending your arm and gradually turning your hand until your knuckles face upwards and right before impact. Similar to jab but with more emphasis on body rotation, you will need to slightly rotate your hips and rear leg with your arms to allow full extension.
  3. Lead Hook
    A powerful punch for when a target is in close. With your lead hand, you would turn your body and fist into the opponent. Keep the shoulders and elbows level, and elbow bent at about 90 degrees.
  4. Rear Hook
    One of the punches that has a lot of knock out power. Similar to the lead hook, shoulders and elbows will be level with the elbow bent at 90 degrees. What makes this punch so impactful is that more power is generated because of the rotation in your mid section and lower body.
  5. Lead Uppercut
    Effectively used for body shots or a big finish. Elbows should be bent close to 90 degrees similar to a hook. However, for the uppercut the elbows will be closer to your sides allowing you to generate the upward force towards your target.
  6. Rear Uppercut
    Arguably the most exciting finish in a boxing match. Following the same steps as a lead uppercut, with your elbows closer to your side and bent around 90 degrees. And similar to the other punches with your rear hand, slightly rotate your body into your punch and extend upwards for a finish.

Ways To Improve Your Boxing Combos

Now you know the basic boxing punches and have gotten comfortable with putting them together. But how can you improve on this foundation and make the combinations faster and stronger?


When trying to get faster at your boxing combos, you would want to move faster but not sacrifice on form and technique.

For starters, consistency in your training will help a great deal in making you faster at boxing. Through repetition your body will begin to adjust better to the movements and flow of the combination.

Memorizing the number associated to the punch style will also be helpful. Having become second nature when you know that the number one is a jab and the number two is a cross. Will help when executing the punch.

On top of that, knowing the boxing combo you are going to throw would also allow you to increase your speed. Not having to think of what punch is next removes that slight hesitation in between punches.

Putting all these tips together is a great start to improving your speed in boxing. And with repetitive training you will see a large difference quickly.


If you’re looking to get more weight and strength into your punches within your boxing combos. Setting yourself up within the combo would really allow you to get as much body weight behind your punches as you can.

A lot of the power comes from your body rotation. For example, you’re combination is a quick 1-2 a jab and cross. Throwing a punches with just your arms and not utilizing your lower body feels flat and powerless.

Now trying the same combination again with emphasis on body rotation, you will notice a big increase in power.

Start with your jab and notice how your body turned and opened up. Now following up with the cross punch make sure you turn you hips towards the target and then throwing your punch. Feel a difference?

Using combinations that keeps your body rotating and setting up the next punch will help increase the power you may be looking for.

There are some who wonder if you will hit harder with boxing gloves on, and we answer this question with this article.

Stay Relaxed

Its important to not be tense and anxious when boxing. Keeping your body loose and relaxed is actually better for quicker and stronger movements and punches.

As mentioned earlier memorizing the punches and knowing your combinations will help with relieving this stress and help you train more freely.

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Becoming fast and strong in boxing like how we see so many boxers – both professional and not. Requires dedication and consistency and by starting from the beginning to getting your foundation right.

Repeating your process of boxing combos over and over again may seem mundane at first, but over time you will notice an increase of speed and power.

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