A Guide In Choosing A Heavy Bag Stand: What To Consider

Hanging a punching bag from the ceiling or making a DIY bag stand can be time consuming and costly, especially if done incorrectly the first time. A simple solution to that is to get a heavy bag stand.

A good heavy bag stand can be set up quickly and ready to go without the hassle of making holes in the wall or hammering together a frame to hang from.

When it comes to using a hanging punching bag at home getting it set up correctly is an important first step. With most heavy bag stands, they are made to be quickly set up with only a couple of pieces that need to be screwed together.

However, with various types and features and styles available, choosing the right heavy bag stand can be a bit confusing.

In this guide, we are going to look at what are the things to look for and consider before purchasing a heavy bag stand.

The main points would be:

  • the types of heavy bag stands
  • weight capacity
  • the durability and stability
  • comparing the price
  • your home gym

Let’s get into it.

Types Of Heavy Bag Stands

Although there aren’t specific types of heavy bag stands designed for particular purposes, they vary enough to cater to different workouts and individual needs. As an example, a heavy hitter would require an above average weight punching bag and as a result would need a heavy bag stand that can handle the weight and force.

Kickboxers or those incorporating kicks might prefer a longer heavy bag, requiring a stand that has enough height in order to provide adequate support.

Categorizing the different types of heavy bag stands simplifies the process of finding the one that aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring you make the right choice.

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Standard Heavy Bag Stands

Standard heavy bag stands are highly accessible, with virtually every brand offering a model that closely resembles one another. They have a straightforward design, typically featuring three flat legs that provide stability during workouts.

To counter any movement in the stand and increase stability even further, many of these stands come equipped with pegs, allowing for the addition of extra weight if needed.

If you’re looking for an easy to set up and go option, a standard bag stand would do the job. However, it isn’t the best option if you like to move around a lot, the legs of the stand tend to get in the way on each side, giving you only a front on approach in using the bag.

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Heavy Duty Bag Stands

For those seeking a stable heavy bag stand and ample workout space, opting for a durable, heavy-duty option is the way to go. These stands are specifically designed to withstand intense training sessions without rocking or wobbling.

With wider legs and a stronger construction compared to standard models, they provide enhanced stability and durability. These heavy bag stands are just made more robust. Upon looking at it you can tell it was designed to take on the heaviest hanging bags and the most intense workouts.

Although the initial price may be higher, it is a worthwhile investment.

Height Adjustable Bag Stands

While most heavy bag stands are designed as one size fits all, its nice to see ones that are customizable to your needs. That’s why a heightadjustable heavy bag stand is perfect if there are more than one user or if you like more variety in your workouts. It allows you to tailor the height according to your specific requirements, accommodating users of varying heights or preferences.

Multi Purpose Heavy Bag Stands

If you’re looking for space saving equipment, they even make heavy bag stands that double for a variety of workouts. This allows you to essentially have a multi functioning bag stand that allows you to use the heavy bag and also include other workouts in one shot.

Some stands come with features such as additional attachments for hanging a speed bag, allowing you to incorporate speed and accuracy training into your workouts. Others may include a dip bar, providing the opportunity to perform dips and other upper body exercises on the same piece of equipment.

By opting for a heavy bag stand with added features, you can maximize the use of your space and equipment, diversify your workouts, and enhance the overall functionality of your home gym.

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How Much Weight The Bag Stand Can Hold

Not every heavy bag stand is designed as a perfect fit with the wide spectrum of punching bags available in the market. Many stands are specifically tailored for standard punching bags, and this information should be clearly indicated in the product description or packaging.

However, it’s important to note that the suitability of a stand also depends on the type of training that is being done as well as the amount of force it could take.

Before finalizing your decision on a heavy bag stand

  • know what you’re using it for
  • know the max weight of a punching bag it can handle
  • make sure it fits in your home gym

In most cases, bag stands are manufactured with a standard size that is typically suitable for 70-80 pound bags. While these stands may work perfectly fine for bags within this weight range, when it comes to heavier punching bags, they can be prone to sliding or even tipping during the more intense workouts.

To get the most optimal set up, first look at the weight of the punching bag. Any punching bag over 100 pounds you would want to skip the standard heavy bag stands and look for a sturdier set up.

By choosing a stand that can handle the weight of your bag, you can avoid potential safety hazards and maintain a reliable training setup.

Often times when looking at the labels or packaging of the heavy bag stand, it will tell you the best weight it can accommodate and on occasion tell you which type of punching bag it would not support.

Heavy Bag Stand Stability And Durability

First and foremost, you would want the legs or bottom half of the bag stand to be relatively wide to keep it stable. A standard model like the Everlast heavy bag stand is a good reference.

Just remember the more narrow it is, the likelier it would tip. If you find that your heavy bag stand moves a lot despite its width, you should look for stands that have pegs suitable for adding weights.

You can find weights that are specifically designed for heavy bag stands from Decathlon or Ringside.

Another option is to look for heavy bag stands with anti-slip rubberized feet or floor anchors. These features prevent the stand from shifting or sliding during workouts and would give an overall better experience.

Reinforced hooks or mounting mechanisms are also an important factor for securely holding the heavy bag in place. Make sure to check if the stands you are considering have hooks with a secure locking system or locking pins. This prevents accidental dislodging of the bag during workouts.

When it comes to the hooks themselves, look for ones with a wide opening or a swivel design. I’ve found that it allows for easy installation of the heavy bag and reduces the chances of the chains tangling.


When it comes to purchasing a heavy bag stand, there could be a long list to go through before finding the right one. The price range for heavy bag stands can vary based on their materials, features, and overall quality.

Before considering the price, a simpler way would be to narrow down your options by features you would prefer. Features such as dip bars or a speed bag attachement, and consider any specific requirements, like space-saving options or height adjustments.

By understanding what you want and examining the available options, you can find a suitable heavy bag stand at an acceptable price point.

Size And Space Of The Home Gym

When selecting a heavy bag stand, you want to make sure that you have enough space in your home gym to install it. The floor space is one factor but what many don’t see right away is how tall bag stands are. It is important to ensure that the stand fits within the room as well as having enough clearance from the ceiling.

The type of flooring in the room should be considered as well. A bag stand will slide and tip on glossier surfaces not to mention the potential damage you can cause to hard wood, tiles or the heavy bag stand itself.

It is always recommended to have gym map place down under the heavy bag stand on any type of flooring to prevent any of that from happening.

For optimal use it is recommended to have enough space around the heavy bag stand. Ideally, aim for an extra 3.5 feet of clearance around the punching bag to ensure you have sufficient room for your exercise routine. This extra space will allow for movement and prevent any accidental collisions with walls or other equipment during boxing workouts. It is important to prioritize safety and ensure a comfortable training environment.


Finding the right heavy bag stand will take some consideration but it shouldn’t be an exhausting task. Start with the space you plan to use. Knowing the amount of room you have to work with would help you narrow down the choices dramatically.

If room is not the issue, then consider your exercises or fight style you plan on doing and what type of punching bag you will be getting. Again this would help in finding the right heavy bag stand you would need in order to have a set up that won’t let you down.

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