The Best Heavy Punching Bag Stands: Which Would Be Right For You

One of the best boxing workouts you can have it home is with a heavy bag. Typically you would see them hanging from the ceiling or large steel rigs at the gym. Luckily for home use, you wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble of mounting your punching bag to a ceiling or building an elaborate rig. Finding the best heavy punching bag stand that fits your needs is easy and affordable.

A heavy bag stand is designed to make using a hanging punching bag easier at home. As an alternative to hanging a heavy bag from the ceiling or your wall, the heavy bag stand can be setup quickly, give you access to hanging the punching bag and allow you to place it anywhere you please.

Considering the only purpose it has, there is still a very wide range of prices and quality when looking into heavy bag stands.

This mainly comes down to the materials used to make the bag stand and how much weight it can actually manage. Cheaply made heavy bag stands will likely not hold punching bags well. The results could be tipping over, sliding, creates a lot of noise and just an overall bad experience. Lets try to avoid all that and find out which is the best heavy bag stand for you.

What To Look For In A Heavy Bag Stand

There isn’t one type of heavy bag stand that will be the best fit for everyone. A couple of factors will depend on your personal preference.

  • Price
  • How much weight it can hold
  • How much space it takes up
  • Quality

While all the heavy bag stands on our list will do a decent job in allow you to hang a punching bag and complete your workout. There are some that will just do a better job than others. They can be sturdier, allow more height, won’t fall or slide and give more access around the punching bag.

When looking for the right heavy bag stand, you should have a clear idea of what your exercises would be. This is important for everyone individually, because after setting it all up you may find that it is either not high enough, not stable enough or you can move around the punching bag as much as you would like.

Some questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best fit for you:

  • What is your budget?
  • What types of workouts will you be doing?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Do you want as much access or angles as possible for your boxing workout?
  • Is quality or price more important?
  • Will you be doing kicks?

Keep these in mind as you read about the best heavy bag stands on the market below.

The Best Heavy Bag Stands

  • Best Overall Heavy Bag Stand – Century Cornerman
  • Best Heavy Bag Stand For Beginners – Everlast Heavy Bag Stand
  • Best For Value – Title Heavy Bag And Speed Bag Stand
  • Best For Small Spaces – Vevor 2 in 1 Heavy Bag Stand
  • Best For Punching Bags Over 100 Pounds – Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand
  • Best For Fitness – Century Fitness Training Station
  • Best Budget – Ringside Heavy Bag Stand
  • Best For Height Adjustments – Century Cornerman
  • Best For Kickboxing – Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand

Read on if you want to know all the details of why we selected each of these.

Best Overall Heavy Bag Stand: Century Cornerman

[product_display title=”Century Cornerman” description=”This ultra stable heavy bag suspension system is ideal for practicing powerful strikes. Able to hold up to a 100 lb. bag, the Cornerman features six height adjustments from 72 inches to 102 inches, with legs that extend 7.5-feet from the corner.t” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Amazon” button_link=”” banner_text=”Best Overall” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”Buy From Century” button2_link=””]

Century Martial Arts is well known as the pioneers of bringing the free standing punching bag to the market. And from what we found, they also are the first to bring a heavy bag stand that is like the Cornerman.

The Cornerman is designed to fit tight into the corners of your room or gym. A great way to keep the boxing bag stand itself out of the way and will help create more room. The legs of the Cornerman are also one of a kind. Being long and wide helps bring a few benefits for all boxer.

The positioning of the legs provide a much more stable stand for you and the punching bag. And because they are so wide. They give you plenty of room to move around the punching bag and if you want, you could even perform kicks without the need to worry that you will hit the metal stand.

A convenient feature you won’t find with many other heavy bag stands is height adjustability. With six options to choose from, ranging between 72 inches (6 feet) to 102 inches (8.5 feet).

The Cornerman is a bit heavier on the price tag than most heavy bag stands, but surprisingly not by much. Considering the features you get with the Cornerman, it is really worth every penny.

Best Heavy Bag Stands For Beginners: Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

[product_display title=”Everlast Heavy Bag Stand” description=”This reliable stand features heavy duty powder-coated steel tubing combined with 3 weight plate pegs allows for maximum strength and durability. From its easy assembly to its ability to accommodate any heavy bag up to 100 pounds, this new addition to your gym will allow you to tackle the conditioning of heavy bag work.” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Amazon” button_link=”” banner_text=”Best For Beginners” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

The Everlast heavy bag stand is easy to assemble and pretty basic. If you’re looking for something that isn’t overly complicated with added features and multple parts to it, then this could be the stand for you.

Like most stands the Everlast stand can support up to 100 pounds. However, with this style, it tends to tip, shake and slide when the bag is too heavy or when there is too much force being applied.

To counter it, there are pegs at the end of the feet of the bag stand, meant to place weights from barbells that will help keep the bag stand still. You can also place sand bags and bricks for cheaper options, and will fit well with how the legs of the stand is designed.

The two main points to consider would be the height of the bag stand and how much space it will take up. Being not height adjustable, it’s recommended that if you are close to 6 feet or more in height. This type of heavy bag stand may not be right for you.

And just from how the style of the frame is, it does seem to feel bulky and can be difficult to place. The legs of the bag stand are a bit awkward and with the rear counterweight leg, it can be difficult to position against walls.

Other than that, for overall boxing training and workouts, this is a very suitable heavy bag stand for those getting started in boxing.

Best Value Heavy Bag Stand: Title Heavy And Speed Bag Stand

[product_display title=”TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand” description=”Constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated, 1.5 mm gauge square tube steel. Includes speed bag platform and pro style swivel. Comes complete with steel I-bolt on top for hanging, two bottom D-rings for securing heavy bag and 3 bottom weight plate posts for adding optional weights. Designed to hold heavy bags up to 100 lbs. Height is adjustable to accommodate different size athletes. An ideal home workout option. Fits easily in 8′ ceiling heights.” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Amazon” button_link=”″ banner_text=”Best Value Heavy Bag Stand” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

Having a heavy bag stand that gives more options than just hitting a punching bag is always a plus. The Title heavy bag stand comes with a speed bag platform with height adjustability for both the punching bag and speed bag.

To send this deal over the top, it is actually at a reasonable price and on par with heavy bag stands that only feature is hanging the punching bag.

The way the legs are designed does give it a bit more stability and good weight distribution. Giving it a less likelihood of tipping over from extra force. And an additional peg for adding on barbell weights incase you do find your heavy bag stand a bit wobbly during use.

Like the other options in this category, the Title Heavy bag stand can support up to a 100 pound punching bag. Which is typically enough for most boxers. It’s easy to assemble and probably one of the more pound for pound bargains out there.

Best Heavy Bag Stand For Small Spaces: Vevor 2 in 1 Heavy Bag Stand

[product_display title=”VEVOR 2 in 1 Heavy Bag Stand” description=”· 2 in 1 Stand: Our boxing bag stand can be used to hold a punching bag and do pull-ups. Training with a punching bag or a pull-up bar can build your strength and work out your upper body and core muscles.” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Vevor” button_link=”” banner_text=”Best For Small Spaces” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

If you’re living in an apartment or just have little room to fit a heavy bag stand. The Vevor 2 in 1 stand is your answer.

Not only is it a simple set up. It is also one of the few heavy bag stands that can fold away and be stored in between uses. Making it the perfect option for homes that have limited space.

On top of that, you get an option of a heavy bag stand that has a speed bag platform or chin up bar. What surprises us the most is that the price tag is actually lower than the market average.

The Vevor heavy bag stand can be adjusted between 5 feet and 6.7 feet, which is pretty short compared to the average, but may be done on purpose in order to fit a smaller space. Despite its smaller size, it does boast to hold up to 130 pounds of weight. Which will give you a bit more lee way when compared to the standard bag stands out there.

Best For Heavy Punching Bags – Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand

[product_display title=”Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag” description=”Muay Thai Kick Boxing Heavy Punching Bag Stand.
350lbs weight capacity. Comes with 15 Year Warranty.
7.8ft tall, Heavy Duty, Made in USA, Stand for all size heavy bags up to 350lbs.
Includes 4 unfilled sand bags to weight down the station ( see image)
Easy 7 screw assembly” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Amazon” button_link=”” banner_text=”Best For Oversized Bags” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

A heavy stand bag that is made for punches as well as kicks should be made with close attention to detail. It is no wonder Outslayer makes not only one of the best muay thai bags, but also a heavy bag stand that compliments it.

For starters, it’s perfect for seasoned fighters and heavy hitters who could use the additional weight:

Forged from high quality 11-gauge steel, it is one of the few bag stands on the market that can hold up to a 350-pound heavy bag. Something you would expect when hanging a punching bag for kickboxing, which are sometimes double the length of a standing punching bag.

What’s more, the compact, triangular shaped base means you can tuck it snugly into a corner of your house or gym without taking up a lot of space. 

And if you’re worried that you may be putting too much force with your punches and kicks, it comes with four pre-filled sandbags to help weigh down the legs so you don’t have to worry about getting additional weight plates or sand bags.

With all the benefits, it is only expected that the price of the Outslayer heavy bag stand reflects it. It’s the highest priced stand we have on the list, but at the same time it would likely be the only one you will need…ever. If you’re still unsure, each stand is backed by a 15 year warranty. So if that doesn’t show confidence than I’m not sure what will.

Best Heavy Bag Stand For Fitness – Century Fitness Training Station

[product_display title=”Century Fitness Training Station” description=”Multi purpose heavy bag stand that comes with dip bars and chin ups bars to become a one stop fitness center for upper body workouts.” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Century” button_link=”″ banner_text=”Best For Fitness” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

A heavy bag stand that gives more workout options than just hanging a punching bag and boxing is always the cherry on top. Century’s fitness training station certainly answered that call with the added upper body workout features on their heavy bag stand.

This heavy bag stand doubles as a calisthenics gym. With a very durable steel frame and added features of dip bars, pull up handles and push up handles plus pegs for hanging plate weights to increase the units stability.

It is a great choice if you’re into bodyweight training or do not want to buy more equipment for exercise. This type of bag stand can prove to be pretty useful if you’re planning out a home gym, or have limited space for multiple equipment pieces.

It’s about the same measurements with other bag stands on the market. With a max height of 7 feet to the mount where you would hang the punching bag from. Unfortunately none of the bars are height adjustable, mean it’s a one size fits all type of deal.

Like what we say for other non adjustable heavy bag stands. They are likely not the best option if you’re close to 6 feet in height or taller. The punching would just be hanging way to low for you to get an effective workout in.

Best Budget Heavy Bag Stand – Ringside Punching Bag Stand

[product_display title=”Ringside Punching Bag Stand” description=”This Free-Standing Fitness Station is always ready for a solid strength building aerobic fitness workout
Non-mounted hanging heavy bag design allows you to exercise wherever is most convenient – perfect for your home or commercial gym
Made of durable steel construction and works well with a long bag – Size: 9.5-inch tall x 35-inch wide x 52-inch deep
This heavy bag stand is designed to stand against even the strongest boxing and MMA strikes, knees and kicks
Allows 180 degrees access to the bag – Punch your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle with this sturdy heavybag stand” image=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ button_text=”Buy From Amazon” button_link=”” banner_text=”Best Budget” affiliate_disclaimer=”We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.” button2_text=”” button2_link=””]

Considering the make and price of the typical heavy bag stand, Ringside bag stands gives you the most bang for your buck. Although their base bag stand comes pretty basic with no adjustable height and no added features. If you’re looking for an affordable heavy bag stand Ringside provides one at the lower price points of its class.

The design of this particular model is a bit narrower, when compared to other similar bag stands. The legs of the stand span a smaller area of floor space and are about a foot closer together than other models. With this design, it does take up less room which may be appealing to some.

The main issues we see with that type of design is how it will effect your footwork when training on the punching bag. With the legs of the stand being closer together, it may restrict the boxer from getting close to the bag or even moving around it. It would also create a higher probability of the bag stand tipping over completely due to its thin nature.

Best Heavy Bag Stand With Height Adjustment – Century Cornerman

Century makes many quality products for the wide range of combat sports. The Cornerman is making our list again not only because of its superb durability and quality make. But it has the best adjustable height feature out there.

With the Cornerman you get the height option from 72 inches (6 feet) to 102 inches (8.5 feet). Which is one of the most accommodating versions of a heavy bag stand there is. The only downside is that with the durability and structure of this heavy bag stand, it still is only recommended to hold up to a 100 pound punching bag.

In the future we hope to see an upgraded model where it is made a bit stronger to hold much heavier punching bags, like for a kickboxer. The design of the Cornerman is perfect for those who like a lot of movement in boxing or shifting around for roundhouse kicks.

Best Heavy Bag Stand For Kickboxing – Outslayer Muay Thai Bag Stand

Another bag stand that is making our list for a second time would be the Outslayer heavy bag stand. We chose this stand as best for kickboxing or kicking in general because simply that is what it was made for.

This heavy bag stand was built to hold a 350 pound punching bag. Thats roughly more than 200 pounds than what other brands are made to do. It’s quite impressive.

The stand also have short wide legs at the bottom, so footwork and moving around the bag isn’t much of an issue. It is simple, sturdy, durable, and easy to set up. It can also hold all types of heavy bags and withstand the strongest of strikes. 

One of the best things about this stand is how compact it is while still being sturdy as any of its competitors. Out of the other heavy bag stands out there, there isn’t many that have the same triangular shape as the Outslayer. Also, it comes with empty sandbags that you can fill up to provide even more stability for the stand, making it virtually impossible to move it in any direction by just kicking or punching it. 


The good news for those looking for a heavy bag stand right now is that there are a lot of options out there for nearly every price point. And to meet most if not all of your needs.

For low prices, about $100+ or something compact and can be stored to heavy duty bag stands that are made to hold weight and stay durable, there is an option on this list that we feel will be best suited.

The most important part of choosing your heavy bag stand is first knowing what your goals are, what types of exercises you plan on doing and then plan from there.

Heavy Bag Stand FAQ

Deciding on a heavy bag stand and making the purchase is a big deal for many people. It’s important to be confident in what you are getting and if it is the right stand for you. To help you get a better idea we thought we would go through some questions that are typically asked, and what we consider before deciding on a heavy bag stand.

How Tall Should A Heavy Bag Stand Be

Ideally a punching bag should be hung at about head high of the boxer or a touch higher. This allows you to comfortably do a boxing workout and have plenty of access to the punching bag no matter if you’re practicing head or body combos.

When it comes to heavy bag stand. Paying close attention to what the max height would be or if it is adjustable to help suit your size. Is something you want to look at before purchase. Most heavy bag stands max out at 7 feet. When taking into account of the straps of the punching bag. The actual usable target is much lower. Around a foot or two. It is often recommended that if you’re around 6 feet tall. Having a taller stand would be better suited.

How To Weigh Down A Heavy Bag Stand

Quite often many of the heavy bag stands won’t stay perfectly still. Especially if you’re using punching bags that weigh more than 100 pounds or if you’re just hitting the bag with a lot of strength. The design of the stands are more for balance, and less for weight. Thats why most come with pegs on the feet of stand to allow you to place weight plates and help secure it to the floor.

First you should look at the width of the legs and see if it gives sufficient space for you to perform your workouts. Typically the wider the better for being out of the way.

If you are finding that the bag stand still tips or topples. Add in weight plates to weigh it down. About the same weight of your punching bag or close to is a good rule of thumb on how much you should put down.

If you don’t have weight plates or reluctant in spending that much amount of money to just hold a stand down. Cheaper alternatives are sand bags, cinder blocks or bricks. They can weigh just as much and for a fraction of the price. Those are probably the quickest and cheapest ways in doing it, but if you would like to know other alternatives, we cover how to weigh down a heavy bag stand in the article here.

How To Reduce Noise Of A Punching Bag Stand

If you ever used a heavy bag stand, you may have noticed that it does generate quite a bit of noise during your workout. It’s to be expected considering boxing isn’t an activity that is meant to be quiet. And hitting a punching bag attached to a bunch of metal is going to be noisy.

Although you wouldn’t be able to put your heavy bag stand on silent mode. You can however, minimize the noise it makes and maybe the whole neighbourhood wouldn’t have to know when you’re working out.

You can do this by checking how secure your stand is actually on the floor. Much of the sound could be due to your stand sliding on a floor that isn’t quite grippy enough. Chains and the metal parts of the bag stand could also be adding to it, which you wouldn’t be able to totally remove but more likely could be reduced with some quick and easy fixes.

First make sure to be using rubber floor mats before setting up your heavy bag stand. Having more grip to the bottom and making sure its properly weighed down will help reduce sliding and tipping that in turn will reduce much of the noise. Next if you find that the chains or certain parts of the stand is just grinding too much, you can try duck taping those areas so they do not rub on each other as much. This should reduce any noise significantly. If you would like more tips on making a heavy bag stand quieter, you can check out our more in depth article by clicking on the link.

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