The Everlast Heavy Bag Stand Review

Having the right heavy bag stand makes a huge difference when boxing, especially if you’re training consistently.

Understandably you would want a stand that is made well and will be reliable a many years down the road.

While Everlast is a premier brand in the world of boxing and MMA, with a heavy arsenal of products spanning from boxing gloves to fitness apparel. Do their heavy bag stands rise to the occasion compared to other heavy bag stands on the market?

In this article, we are going to focus on the original Everlasts heavy bag stand as well as the stand with a speed bag option. We will look at the make, assembly process and point out any positive or negative thoughts that come from it.

Lets get into it.

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About Everlast

Everlast Boxing is a popular company that has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality boxing equipment, apparel, and accessories for over a century. The company’s product line includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, punching bags, speed bags, boxing shoes, apparel, and they sponsor many professional athletes.

They make their products to ensure that their products are durable, comfortable, and provide maximum protection for users. All while using fine material to have quality standards and make.

Everlast Boxing has a rich history in the sport of boxing, having provided equipment and apparel to many of the most legendary boxers in history, including Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Jack Dempsey. The company continues to be a prominent brand in the sport today, with sponsorship deals with top boxers and MMA fighters.

Overview Of The Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

Sturdy Build: The heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing provides a solid and durable construction.

Easy Assembly: The stand is relatively easy to put together, and the main bag holding clip is simple to attach.

Decent Price: The stand offers good value for its features and build quality.

Foot Protectors: The plastic feet protectors prevent damage to gym or garage floors.

Stable Platform: Although you will get some vibrations when using this stand, It would be unlikely that it would rock or tip.

Compatible with Heavy Bags: It can accommodate heavy bags up to 100 pounds, making it suitable for various types of training.

Versatile Use: The speed bag version allows for a more versatile set of training exercises.

Footpads: The footpads keep the steel frame off the floor, preventing potential scratching or scuffing.
Reliable Brand: Everlast is a well-known and respected brand in the fitness and sports equipment industry.
Bulky Size: The stand’s large footprint takes up a significant amount of space, which may be an issue in smaller gyms or garages.

Some Material: The speed bag clip is made of plastic and may not be as durable as desired.
Low-Quality Speed Bag: The heavy bag with a speed bag attachment may require multiple times to inflate.

Limited Movement: Adding weight plates for stabilization restricts movement in front of the bag during workouts.

Noise Level: The equipment tends to be loud, especially when used without weight plates.

Unstable without Weights: The stand may have excessive bouncing or shifting with heavier punching bags.

Potential Space Limitations: The weight plate pegs may limit the amount of space available for movement in some exercises.

Overall, The Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is reliable and at the right price point. The design is common to the other versions on the market and would be a good fit in any home gym. It has a solid build and features heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing, ensuring good strength and durability.

With a length of 57 inches, a width of 47.6 inches, and a height of 86.2 inches, the stand seemed much bulkier looking in person than I’d imagine.

Despite its sturdy appearance, if you have concerns about the excess bounce in the frame during workouts, the stand has three weight plate pegs that can be used to stabilize the equipment. Adding weights to these pegs helps reduce shifting and bouncing dramatically.

It is worth to note, this stabilization comes at the cost of slightly restricting movement due to the added weight plates occupying space in front of the bag.

The stand does feature plastic foot protectors, which gives some protection from the steel frame from damaging your gym or garage floor during use. Despite its few drawbacks, the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand still presents a reasonable option for those seeking an affordable and reliable support system for their heavy bag workouts.

Everlast Heavy Bag Stand With Speed Bag Attachment

The speed bag attachment of the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand has received mixed reviews and has raised some concerns. The attachment consists of a clip made of steel, but it is attached to a piece of plastic, which gives some doubt on durability and longevity.

While the speed bag can connect well with the steel loop, the plastic backboard raises questions about how long it will last. According to some user reviews the plastic attachment may not hold up well over time, potentially leading to issues or even breakage.

The speed bag itself is decent but may require regular maintenance. According to various reviews, the included speed bag is of subpar quality and prone to bursting after a relatively short period of use. Users have reported that the speed bag requires frequent air refills, indicating potential issues with its overall durability and performance.

Considering these factors, I would recommend to save some money and get the original Everlast bag stand and look for another option if you really want a speed bag. It may even be possible to add on a DIY option in the same area.

The Ideal Heavy Bag Stand Set Up

For the ideal setup of the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand, Use an 80-pound bag and add weights on the pegs to help secure the frame of the stand.

When adding weights to the pegs, its possible you will loose some foot room depending on the size of the weights, but keeping a stable bag stand is worth the sacrifice.

Try these fillable weights from Decathlon.

The fillable weights may seem like extra work since you have to find the right materials, but it does the same job as weight plates and is much more forgiving should your foot accidentally hit it.

The 80-pound bag offers a good balance between weight and responsiveness, allowing for a good workout while still providing enough feedback to develop technique, speed, and power. The heavy bag stand itself is made to hold up to 100 pounds. So if you already know you will need to go up or down in weight, please go ahead.

I personally like the 80 pound weight for my own use.

With the setup of an 80-pound bag and weights on the pegs, you can create a solid foundation for your heavy bag training, ensuring a secure and controlled workout experience. This allows you to focus on honing your skills, improving your technique, and maximizing the benefits of your training sessions.

The Assembly

The assembly process of the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand was pretty straightforward and relatively easy. Some reviews have stated that they were able to assemble the stand in a reasonable amount of time.

The instructions it came with were easy to follow and clear, it took me about 45 minutes to complete but probably could have been done quicker.

It comes in several single pieces, making it much easier for one person to complete the job. Best way I can see is to first lay out all the stand pieces and keep the nuts and bolts in a tray.

Build from the bottom up and semi fasten all the bolts until you finished the heavy bag stand entirely. When its complete and you’re happy with the build, thats when I would go back and hand tighten all the nuts and bolts.

Make and Sturdiness

The Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is overall made to last and will provide a reliable support system for your heavy bag workouts.

From Everlast:

  • Constructed with heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing for a robust and durable build.
  • Frame dimensions: 57 inches in length, 47.6 inches in width, and 86.2 inches in height.
  • Substantial size provides stability during intense training sessions.
  • Can accommodate heavy bags up to 100 pounds, making it versatile for various training needs.
  • Powder coating enhances the stand’s resistance to wear and tear.
  • Wide frame design offers a secure and stable platform for heavy bag workouts.
  • The substantial height ensures sufficient clearance for long bags.
  • Sturdy construction instills confidence in the stand’s durability.
  • Suitable for boxing, MMA training, and general fitness exercises.
  • Provides users with a reliable and robust support system for their heavy bag training.

The stand’s large frame contributes to its stability, providing a secure platform for heavy bag workouts. It features a main bag holding clip, which is well-built and securely attaches the bag to the stand.

To minimize any potential bouncing or shifting during workouts, the stand includes three weight plate pegs that allow for the addition of weights. By stabilizing the equipment with weight plates, users can experience a more controlled and effective training session. However, it is worth noting that adding weights does occupy some space in front of the bag, which may restrict wider movements.

Overall, the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand exhibits a robust and sturdy design, thanks to its heavy-duty steel tubing and secure bag holding clip. With its substantial dimensions and weight capacity, it offers a solid foundation for heavy bag training, ensuring that users can engage in intense workouts with confidence in the stand’s durability.


The Everlast heavy bag stand check all the boxes. It would be a great addition to any home gym and as an added bonus, compared to other stand on the market, it is a the perfect price point.

The build is solid and the materials are strong and made to last. There is some vibration when being used but for the most part you would be getting that with any bag stand.

Just remember to put some weights on all three pegs and you’re good to go.

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