How To Make A Heavy Bag And Stand Quieter

Boxing training, especially when using a boxing bag is not meant to be a quiet workout. The whole idea of it is to hit the punching bag with a great deal of force. However, when training from home, it is understandable that there will be times where the noise level from your heavy bag needs to be reduced. Here are a few ways where you can make your heavy bag quieter.

Much of the noise from hitting a heavy bag comes from the supporting structures that is holding the bag itself. The rubbing from the chain, bolts and metal structures holding the heavy bag, creates the unwanted noise vibrations that are making your workout louder. Taping the chains with duck tape and weighing down the stand will help reduce friction from the metal parts and making your heavy bag use quieter.

We have a full article on how you can weigh down your heavy bag stand and stop it from moving, you can read it here.

Planning out your whole set up before hand would give you the best chance at success when it comes to keeping your heavy bag quiet. Choosing the type of heavy bag, how you will be securing it to the ceiling or bag stand, and which type of materials for everything in between, would make a difference in the long run.

Tips To Make Your Heavy Bag And Stand Quieter During Workout

Punching a heavy bag, boxing training or any type of workout in general, is not a quiet activity. This is the time to burn energy and push yourself to certain limits. If you live in a house or an apartment, it is likely that anyone living with you would know when you’re hitting the heavy bag, just by the sheer noise of it. If that is an issue you’re having, here are some ways that can help.

  1. Choose A Heavier Bag – The heavier the bag you get, the less movement would be made when hitting it. Reducing the swaying motion as much as you can will help the squeaking and grinding from the chains and hoist to be at a minimum. A longer and heavier bag would work better then a short one, since they tend to swing a lot more.
  2. Tape The Chains And Joints – Using a strong tape like duck tape works great in keep any moving parts as still as possible. This is not to say that you’re trying to have no movement at all. But keeping the parts where the bag is hanging from grinding and turning on each other will greatly remove the metals from touching too much.
  3. Use Rubber Floor Mats – When working out on the heavy bag, the banging from your bag stand or just your movement alone, could be contributing to the racket. Having durable flooring that helps with absorbing a lot of the weight has multiple benefits other than reducing sound. Getting the right mats will help with grip and cushion as you work out.
  4. Weigh Down Your Stands – If you find your heavy bag stand shifting around during use, it’s likely in need of some extra weight. Adding sand bags, or anchoring your stand to the ground reduces the shifting and sliding of the unit caused by your hits, which in turn will make things quieter.
  5. Sound Proof Your Space – If the complaints don’t stop after you’ve tried all that you can, sound proofing your home gym may be the only answer. When working out and training, being completely silent and not making a sound would be impossible. Put up panels in your room to absorb all the noise from escaping. Now you can be as loud as you want.
  6. Heavier Boxing Gloves – Gloves with a higher weighted value means more padding. With the extra materials in the glove, you can expect more shock absorption and as well as noise reduction. If you’re use to a certain weight in your boxing gloves, it would take some “getting use to” when moving up to heavier gloves.
  7. Use A Towel – Whether your heavy bag is leather or a synthetic material. It is not designed to absorb any sound. You likely hear a snapping sound every time you hit the bag. By securely taping a towel or other fabric around the bag, it would help dampen the sound that is made when you hit it.

Are Punching Bags Loud?

When using a punching bag or heavy bag, there is a certain level of noise that will be associated with it. Much of the noise may not be from the act of hitting the bag, but rather it would be coming from the make of the bag and materials supporting it.

Rattling, thumps, bag movement are all forms of why hitting a heavy bag would make noise. Taking certain steps to find

  1. where the noise is coming from
  2. alternatives to your set up

can help dramatically reduce the noise level of your boxing workout. If the noise level is a concern, then pre-planning your whole gym and taking the advice from this article should be the first step. It’s important to note, that using a punching bag isn’t or shouldn’t be tremendously noisy. It only becomes an issue when the level of noise is distracting or obstructing others from what they need to do.

Quieter Options For Boxing Bag And Stand

As mentioned earlier, chains used to hang the heavy bag are often one of the main sources of unwanted noise when working out. To avoid chains altogether, there are options for heavy bags that are equipment with nylon or leather straps instead. They are reinforced and just as sturdy.

Our choice would have to be Creed by Century, linked here. It’s a steady 100 pound bag with a thick vinyl shell. The weight combined with nylon strap is a good start in making your boxing training a bit quieter.

And if you’re also looking for a heavy duty stand. Century also produced the Cornerman. A wider version and sturdier make of a heavy bag stand on the market. It comes with a wider stance for the legs making it less likely to shift and rattle when using the heavy bag.

Be sure to check out our complete list of the best heavy bag stands that is tailored to your specific needs.


With a little research and some common sense, there are ways that can make your boxing training less intrusive to others. Boxing isn’t a quiet sport, and neither is the training. However, considering others while training outside of the gym is just being considerate and neighbourly. If noise levels are deterring you from boxing at home, hopefully this article has helped you find a way where you could still get your training in.

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