How To Keep Your Free Standing Punching Bag From Moving (4 DIY Options)

Filling the base of your freestanding punching bag with water is usually enough for many people. But for some reason you are finding that your punching bag still tips or slides too much when being used. This is how you can make you punching bag heavier and keep it from moving around.

If you notice your punching bag sliding when being used, first make sure that the base is filled all to the top. If it is already full, adding sand bags or weights to the top of the base and fastening them securely helps add extra pounds to weigh it down. Alternatively, placing your free standing punching bag on a good quality rubber mat provides extra friction, and will keep it from sliding around.

Another option is to fill the base with sand. Ideally you would want to do this from the beginning to avoid any extra work. Having sand in the base would make your punching bag would make it weigh roughly 350 pounds, this typically would require 2-4 bags of sand, which should be more than plenty for your needs. The only issue with having your punching bag this heavy, is having to move it to another spot, or emptying the base.

Filling the base with mixed substances such as water and sand, is also an option but not recommended. I would suggest to either fill the base all the way with water and if it still slides, use other methods of keeping the punching bag still (we will touch on these points later in the article). Or fill it with sand until your desired heaviness. It doesn’t have to be all the way.

What Can You Do If Your Punching Bag Is Sliding

You have filled the base all the way with your choice of water or sand. And unfortunately it still moves around when you’re using it. So what can you do? You can always empty the base and fill it with something heavier. Although this may be a good solution for the long term, its a complete hassle and could be more trouble than its worth.

The goal here is just to keep it from sliding or moving around the room. Not exactly make it unmovable at all, even when you want to place it somewhere else.

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Here is a short list of options that can help your free standing punching bag from slipping around.

  • Floor Mats – Depending on what your flooring is currently like. Investing in a good quality rubber floor mat would make a world of difference. The surface of rubber mats have extra grip to it too, which can “hold” the base much better than concrete, tile or even carpet flooring. If you don’t have any type of mat for your workout space, you should be getting some anyway. A layer of protection for your floors, and a extra cushion for your body is a win win when working out at home.

    Our recommendation for home gym floor mats on Amazon
  • Sand Bags – A quick and easy way to get the punching bag base heavier is with sand bags. They’re relatively cheap, and easy to manage when you need to move the punching bag around. The same sand bags used for film and photography will work great. They have a loose handle that you can link together with rope or yarn and tie it to the top of the base. Placing them on the sides around your punching bag, will also help reduce movement and any type of sliding. However it makes the base seem bigger, if you’re looking to get in close.
  • Lean It On A Wall – This may not be the best option if you like moving around your bag. But it definitely would help it from moving around. Push your bag up against the baseboard of a wall. You can even put a towel or an old shirt in between to prevent any damage. Most base sizes are larger then the actual bag, giving you some space from the bag hitting the wall.
  • Anti Slip Tape – Sticking adhesive tape, or anti slip tape underneath the base of your punching bag is another way to create some extra friction. Depending on the type of flooring you have there are quite of few different options of tape that can be suitable. Having a extra layer of grip will be useful, be sure to choose one right for your floor.

How Heavy Should A Free Standing Punching Bag Be?

The weight of a free standing punching bag and how heavy it should be, will vary between different users. Everyone has a different amount of hitting power, needs and therefore will require different weight options.

Manufacturers like Century Martial Arts, recommend to fill the base with either water or sand. And that it would weigh up to 250 pounds. It sounds like a lot, and filling it with sand would likely be closer to 300+ in weight. To know which is the right weight for you, when doing your workout on the punching bag, the bag itself should give a little sway and the base should not be sliding or tipping. Unless you prefer to chase your punching bag around the room while you workout, then there are some extra measures you can take.

Fill the base as per the manufacturers instructions. I would suggest with water only. This allows you to still move the punching bag if needed. It’s also a lot easier to fill and empty when the time comes. If filling the base with water is still not enough, there are additional options you can try.

Which Type Of Floor Is Best For A Standing Punching Bag

The great thing about standing bags is the ability to have it placed anywhere in your home. As opposed to hanging heavy bags where you would get more limited options. If you have tile, carpet, concrete or wood floors available to use, it is suggested to still put a layer between the bag and the floor.

Reason being, you want to protect your floor from any damage from using the bag. And you want to protect the bottom of the base itself to help ensure longevity and quality. Scratching and small scrapes would almost certainly happen to both the floor and base without some sort protection.

With that said, getting rubber mats for your space is the perfect solution. Or at minimum a square of foam mats to just cover the bottom.


Having a standing punching bag that moves around more than an opponent does is not only annoying, but it takes the rhythm out of your workout. Having to consistently fix and adjust the position doesn’t allow you to fully commit to your workout.

If you have already filled your base, hopefully one of our options help you in giving you a better experience when using your punching bag.

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