Is A Free Standing Punching Bag Any Good?

If joining a gym or fumbling through hanging a heavy bag doesn’t sound appealing to you. You would be relieved to hear that there are other options. A free standing punching bag is not only a viable option, it’s likely the most practical solution for boxing at home.

A free standing punching bag is a great addition to anyone looking for an easily accessible boxing workout from home. For both serious boxers and those looking for a certain level of fitness. Free standing punching bags are easy to set up and versatile in where you can place and move them. They are perfect options for strength conditioning and cardio workouts.

The quality of these types of punching bags have gotten better over the years. Putting them in the top category for most home owners with enough room for a home gym. Also, the easy set up of filling the base and using them right away has become more and more appealing for the casual boxer.

They are designed more for a workout or lighter training to practice boxing combos. They can take the most hits from someone who is doing it for leisure. Meaning, as long as you’re not stepping in the ring for a professional fight. A free standing punching should fit your needs.

Is It A Good Workout?

Finding a workout routine that hits multiple fitness areas is considered a bonus. And boxing with a free standing punching bag – it does just that. Boxing or kickboxing with a punching bag is a great source for cardio, strength, endurance and plenty more. Adopting a full boxing style workout would bring even more to the table.

If you’re wondering if its good enough on its own, or a good edition to what you’re doing already. The simple answer from us is yes. Not only is a boxing workout great for the reasons listed above, it is also a a source for a full body workout. Especially when training like a boxer.

Resources for training like a boxer:

a free standing punching bag by century martial arts
Century Martial Arts Torrent Free Standing Punching Bag

Training with a free standing punching bag is typically high intensity and would really test your endurance. Boxers may have to fight for 12 rounds, their training is what prepares them. If getting a boxers body is one of your goals, you might as well train like one.

Using a free standing punching bag could add the element you’ve been missing. For one, it focuses on mobility and builds on speed. Something you just don’t get with common exercises like lifting weights alone. Putting them together could make a good combo, but our preference here at The Basement Warrior is coupling boxing with calisthenic workouts.

What Do You Fill A Free Standing Punching Bag With?

Most manufacturers would recommend filling a free standing punching bag with one of three fillers. The popular option is usually water, then sand and sometimes gravel. All three are viable options as each solution is relatively easy to gain access to. And the reason why you would want to use one over the other is how heavy you want your free standing punching bag to be.

Heavy is good – since you don’t want to have your punching bag shift around when working out. But before you run out to buy a few bags of gravel you should note that there is such a thing of having it TOO heavy. The right weight for each individual will vary depending on your own personal size and boxing skill level.

Let’s take a look at how optimal each could be for you and find a reason.

  1. Water. Like we mentioned previously, water is typically the top option for most free standing punching bags. Mostly because grabbing a garden hose or using a faucet at home to fill the base of the unit is quick and easy. For most based units when filled with water, the entire punching bag would weigh around 220-250 pounds. This should be heavy enough for most beginners. Filling the base with water is also the easiest option if you need to empty it for whatever reason. Just tip it over outside or near a water drain.
  2. Sand. If you’re filling the base to the top with sand you could be pretty confident that it won’t slide when using it. A base packed with sand would likely put your free standing punching bag weighing over 250+ pounds. Filling it to the top would likely not be necessary so you could opt to fill half sand and if it’s still not heavy enough fill the rest of it with water. Keep in mind that when doing that you would be left with a muddy solution on the inside.
  3. Gravel. This would be the most heaviest option and would likely give your punching bag zero sway as well when being used. Filling the base with gravel will have your punching bag weigh 300+ pounds easily. Meaning it would be tough to empty and move around if needed. This would make more sense for those who pack a heavy punch or kick that would require this type of weight.

Something to think about when deciding which option you would want to fill you punching bag base with is how long do you plan on keeping it? or if this is going to be a long term exercise. Filling the base is one thing, but if you would need to empty the base shortly after. Then considering what to fill it with may be more clear.

How Do I Stop My Free Standing Punching Bag From Moving?

If you have filled your free standing punching bag base with a filler already and you find it still shifting around a little bit during a workout. There are some work arounds that doesn’t require you to empty or fill the base anymore.

Depending on your setup, placing or tying heavier objects on top of the base is actually a very practical option. Using sand bags (like ones used in film and photography) work perfectly in adding just enough weight to hold the punching bag down. Many of them come with an adjustable strap making it a breeze to wrap around the base or being tied and placed on top is possible also.

Another solution you can look at is finding an adhesive to stick along the bottom of the base to create more friction or stickiness to your gym floor. This would allow it to slide less or not at all. Of course, this would depend on what flooring you currently have, finding the right product for carpet, hardwood and concrete could vary widely.

Are they Better Than A Hanging Punching Bag?

If weighing the pros and cons of hanging punching bag vs a free standing one is what you’re going through. It might make more sense comparing the differences instead of the similarities. Although both are punching bags, and are meant for the same thing. The reason why you would want one over the should be for different reasons.

For the most part, setting up a hanging punching bag in your garage or basement is no easy task. Especially if you’re attaching it the ceiling or a support beam. The right precaution and equipment will need to be researched for your specific needs in order for it to be safe and properly installed. Another option is getting a hanging cage, that allows you to hang a bag independently without using your home ceiling.

If you’re only using a punching bag for fitness purposes and not focusing on training and technique then you likely would not need to go through all the trouble in setting it up. Using a heavy bag is good because of the density of the bag and the swaying motion it makes. Hitting the bag replicates a similar feeling of hitting an opponent and the swaying motion helps with accuracy for moving targets.

If you’re justing looking at boxing for weight loss or muscle toning, than a free standing punching bag would be more then enough.

Century Martial Arts has an amazing fleet of different types of bags to choose from.


So are free standing punching bags any good? I would say, if you’re looking for a certain level of boxing workouts to do in your home or apartment then they are not only good. They are necessary and really the only option.

They are easy to assemble and maintain and the durability are just getting better with every product that comes out. Stick with a brand that specializes in this type of product. Since it is more of an investment than impulse buy, you would want to make sure your getting something of quality.

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