Should You Use A Heavy Bag Stand

In the boxing training world, when comparing a free standing punching to a conventional hanging punching bag. The latter is by far a better product. Although hanging heavy bags are superior, it can be intimidating when it comes to hanging a punching bag properly in your home. If home DIY projects are not for you, then this is why you should be using a heavy bag stand for your punching bag.

Heavy bag stands or punching bag stands are the perfect option for those that want to use a heavy bag but do not want to put holes in their ceilings or walls. It provides a stable and effective way of hanging a punching bag and also gives a variety of options for placements in your home.

This convenience does come at a price though. A heavy bag stand could set you back a couple hundred dollars or more depending on what type of quality you require. Does that mean you should splurge on the top of the line product? No. However, you should look for something that can properly support your punching bag, and is sturdy enough to not tip over or shift during a workout.

If a constantly shifting punching bag stand becomes an issue for you, there are a few options that you can do at home that could fix the problem. We have an in depth article that covers the different ways that you could help weigh down a heavy bag stand. There are free and some add on products that you can use, that we cover in the article ranging from placement of the heavy bag stand to using weights or sand bags to help secure your equipment.

In my opinion, the minor problems that come with a stand is still better than a free standing bag or attaching the punching bag to a ceiling or wall. They are typically quick and easy fixes with the benefits far outweighing the cons.

Who Should Use A Heavy Bag Stand

Anyone who wants to utilize boxing as training or exercise will benefit from hitting a punching bag hung from a stand. It’s especially useful for those who have limited space or no joist in the ceiling to hang it from. Even having the know how on installing a punching bag to a wall or your ceiling joist. Finding the right space is often the hard part.

Although many types will find a bag stand useful, there are groups of people that may find it a life saver.

  • Small Room or Home Gym – if you live in an apartment or have a modes home gym in your basement. Installing a hanging punching bag to a wall or ceiling may not be the ideal situation for you. There are specific criteria when attaching a punching bag to your home, and the areas available will not always be the ideal spot for a heavy bag. Thats what makes a heavy bag stand so appealing. It’s portable and can be put together or put away as you need it.
  • You’re Not Handy – if you’re uncomfortable with making holes in the wall or just not good at it. A heavy bag stand is the answer. If attaching the punching bag to your ceiling or wall is done incorrectly, it could seriously damage your home or worse, cause injury. Finding the studs or joist through the walls of your home is easy. But the work that comes after should be left to someone who knows what they’re doing. I would save myself the headache and invest in a proper stand.
  • Lots Of Equipment – constantly moving your gym equipment around is normal when you’re either trying to optimize your space or its just growing with more equipment being added. A heavy bag stand will cause less headache when you decide to change things up. Having boxing equipment that is portable is ideal if you have to move to another place or just looking to change up your workout space.
  • Customization – being able to adjust the height of your bag is also something to consider. Especially if there will be multiple people using it and they have a wide difference in height. Some heavy bag stand come with features that allow you to raise or lower your punching bag as you see fit. It will be much harder to do if you already have the bag mounted to a wall or ceiling. Adjustability just wouldn’t be there if it is already stuck to your home.

Sometimes it just isn’t about which is the best way to get a punching bag set up. Often its working around the situation you have. A heavy bag stand would accommodate anyone who wants to train in boxing especially in the comfort of their home.

Pros and Cons Of Using A Punching Bag Stand

Be sure to check out our complete list of the best heavy bag stands that is tailored to your specific needs.

Hopefully we have now we have given a better idea as to if a heavy bag stand is right for you. We can now go further into detail as to what makes them so great and what could be a deal breaker.

– variety of choices to be placed
– no handy or DIY work needed
– will help provide a great boxing workout
– simple set ups and take downs
– added costs, can be expensive
– lighter stands can shift and slide
– metal stands may create more noise when used
– won’t have 360 degree access to the punching bag

Unless you absolutely need complete access around the bag. In terms of the quality of a boxing workout, there wouldn’t be one type of set up that makes it better than the other. Typical boxing training and workout can be done easily, as long as your punching bag is hung from a stable platform.

With that said, it really comes down to your personal preference. What you’re comfortable in doing around the house, in terms of minor construction and how much you are willing to spend in your budget.

The best takeaways of using a heavy bag stand is the peace of mind when setting it all up. From start to finally getting your punching bag hung up and ready to go. There really isn’t much of any issue if you have planned out your space before hand. Especially for those that are just looking to get a workout in, or if you’re weighing the idea of a free standing punching bag vs a hanging one. The heavy bag stand will meet your needs.

What should be considered most IMO, is your budget and if you have a proper space for the bag stand. When set up they can be bulky in both length and height. I would double check your ceiling height and floor space before settling on any one product.

Heavy Bag Stand Vs. Wall and Ceiling Mounts

When comparing a heavy bag stand to mounting the punching bag directly to the wall or ceiling. What stands out most is stability and mobility. When comparing the 3 you will get a varied result in how stable your set up would be and how much you room you actually get to access the punching bag.

Heavy bag stands are simple to use. Things to consider about them is that they can generate noise when being used and depending on which product you get, they can tip over or slide when encountering too much force. However, these are issues that can be managed if you find yourself in that situation. With most stands, you really get only a front on access to the bag. The legs of the bag are usually in the way if you find yourself moving a lot. And if you find there is too much movement with the stand, you could always add on some weights to the heavy bag stand to help keep it stable.

With a Ceiling mount you would need to ensure that your punching bag is hung from a joist in the house. They are typically the load bearing support for a floor or ceiling. The typical area’s that are best to do this is in the basement or garage. Hanging a punching bag from the ceiling is the only way where you could get 360 degree access to your punching bag and you wouldn’t worry much about stability. If done properly, it would likely be one of the most secure ways to hang a punching bag. Just make sure the ceiling and joist is able to support the weight and the workout, otherwise it could possibly cause a lot of damage to your home.

The process of most wall mounts are the same as hanging pretty much anything to a wall. Make sure the mount will span two or more studs of the house so it can be fastened properly. What many also do is first drill in some plywood across the wall studs and mount the wall stand to the newly added frame. It will help with relieving pressure to the walls and can possibly reduce the noise. In the end you only get at best 180 degree access to the bag, which is not bad but being placed on wall depending on how sturdy the structure is already. When hitting the punching bag, it can create a lot of noise throughout the house.


Using a heavy bag stand for your boxing workout is a viable option. Especially if you’re looking to steer clear from hammers and drills for some small DIY projects. When shopping around for the right one. I would recommend to find something that is structurally stable, preferably with wide legs as well to avoid any chance of it tipping. The Cornerman by Century has probably one of the best versions of this out there.

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