Century Fitness Training Station Review: Is It THE All-in-one Fitness Station

I always look for pieces of equipment that can manage various types of workouts all in one. It helps keep a home gym tidy and avoids having a clutter workout area. The Century fitness station is a perfect example of a multi use machine, especially if you having boxing, kickboxing or another type of MMA in your workout routine.

Understandably you would want a stand that is made well and will be reliable a many years down the road.

While Century Martial Arts is a premier brand in the world of boxing and MMA, with a heavy arsenal of products spanning from training tools to martial arts apparel. Does their heavy bag stands rise to the occasion compared to other heavy bag stands on the market?

In this article, we are going to focus on the Century fitness station. Go deep on the make, assembly process and point out any positive or negative thoughts that come from it.

Let’s get into it.

Overview Of The Century Fitness Training Station

Versatility: Serves as both a heavy bag mount and a comprehensive fitness module.

Durable Construction: Made of sturdy steel for long-lasting performance.

Full Upper-Body Workout: Targets chest, biceps, triceps, and back muscles.

Wide Footing: Stable during powerful kicks and punches (138 cm x 122 cm).

Space-Efficient: Fits well in smaller home gyms or rooms.
No Drilling Required: Easy setup without drilling holes in walls or ceilings.

Multi-Functional Use: Includes chin-ups, dips, and pull-ups for a full-body workout.
Limited Grip Variation: Pull-up bar’s U shape restricts grip options.

Bag Impact Issue: May not be suitable for taller heavy bags

Limited Leg Exercise Options: Primarily focuses on upper-body workouts.

The Century Fitness Training Station is great heavy bag stand and a versatile fitness equipment that is a perfect addition to any home gym or can stand alone as a complete workout station. The sturdy steel frame is designed with multiple bars that allows you to target a full upper-body workout as well as a regular boxing workout.

The Dip bars, pull up handles and push up handles provide opportunities for a diverse range of exercises to build upper body strength.

The station also features pegs that can hold plate weights similar to the competition but has only two, however, the bottom legs are a bit longer so I’d imagine that it makes up for it. With its floor space measuring 138 x 122 cm, the station remains sturdy even during powerful kicks or punches.

The primary function of the Century Fitness Training Station is to serve as a heavy bag mount for boxing or martial arts training and can easily accommodate a heavy bag weighing up to 100 pounds.

The set up was relatively straightforward and requires some assembly. Once assembled, you can see the sleek feel and sturdy look but to ensure stability, it is recommended to add a couple of counter weights such as sandbags or weight plates, especially when using a 100-pound heavy bag.

Overall, I feel the Century Fitness Training Station is an excellent investment for those who are using a punching bag for fitness and like to work on upper body strength, particularly in the context of improving martial arts performance.

The Accessories

The Century Fitness Training Station’s dip bars, chin-up bars, and push-up bars are a nice added touch to working out at home. Crafted with the same high-quality, sturdy steel as the rest of the station, these bars are designed to withstand rigorous workouts and provide optimal support for a range of upper-body exercises.

Dip Bars: The dip bars offer a solid platform for targeting the triceps, chest, and shoulders. Their adjustable height ensures proper form and comfortable positioning, accommodating users of varying sizes. With a 90-degree angle at the elbows, users can perform dips with ease, effectively engaging multiple muscle groups. The dip module allows for smooth and controlled movements, enabling users to build strength and muscle definition in the upper body.

Chin-Up Bars: The chin-up bars on the Century Fitness Training Station are strategically placed to enable a variety of grip positions, unfortunately it is mostly meant for wider grips. However, they are still a great way to work out your back, lats, and biceps. The bars are firmly secured and provide ample space for users to perform challenging chin-ups and pull-ups just be sure to have enough head space from the ceiling.

Push-Up Bars: The push-up bars on the station are positioned at shoulder-width apart, offering a comfortable grip and reducing strain on the wrists during push-up exercises. They enhance the range of motion, allowing users to perform deeper push-ups and target the chest, shoulders, and triceps more effectively.

As we said the bars on the Century Fitness Training Station are a nice addition to the traditional heavy bag stand. It allows to have any user to complete a lot of their workout just on the one station. Whether it’s building muscle, increasing strength, or improving overall fitness, these bars contribute significantly to the station’s versatility and appeal to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Well Designed And Built

I got my hands on the Century Fitness Training Station, and it stood out among other heavy bag stands I’ve seen. As I unpacked it, the sturdiness and durability impressed me. The craftsmanship with sturdy steel seemed like it could handle even the heaviest bags, perfect for intense training sessions.

The dimensions were impressive too – 138 cm wide, 122 cm long, and 224 cm tall, offering ample clearance for various bag sizes. Assembling it was straightforward with clear instructions, and I had it set up securely in about an hour.

The station’s wide-frame at the foot provided stability during intense workouts, especially when using the pull-up and dip bars. Its spacious training area allowed me to move freely without worrying about tipping over.

The dip module, chin-up bar, and grip options for push-ups added versatility to my upper-body workouts. With everything assembled, the Century Fitness Training Station felt solid and dependable, combining various functions for a comprehensive whole-body training experience.

Using it consistently, I appreciated its protective coating on the steel frame, ensuring it withstood wear and tear from constant use.

Assembling The Station

I was pleasantly surprised by how straightforward the assembly process was. As soon as I unboxed it, the durable steel frame components were easy to identify, and the assembly instructions provided by Century Martial Arts guided me through the whole process. It was a breeze to put together, and I managed to do it in about an hour, either working alone or with a workout buddy.

To start, I secured the sturdy punching bag mounting to the designated space on the Fitness Training Station using the provided nuts, bolts, and screws. It was crucial to ensure everything was tightly fastened for added stability during my heavy bag workouts.

Next, I adjusted the dip bars, pull-up handles, and push-up handles to my preferred heights, customizing the station to fit my individual exercise requirements perfectly. With dimensions of 138 cm wide, 122 cm long, and 224 cm tall, the station provided a spacious training area, allowing me to perform various exercises without any worries of it toppling over.

The dip module, chin-up bar, and grip options for push-ups added a lot of versatility to my upper-body workouts. The dip bars offered ample spacing for controlled movements, and the chin-up bars provided multiple grip positions to target different muscle groups effectively.

Once I had everything assembled, the Century Fitness Training Station stood solid and sturdy. Its construction felt robust, reinforcing its long-lasting performance. The best part was its multi-functional use, combining the punching bag mounting and integrated fitness module, which allowed me to perform a wide range of exercises. It truly provided a comprehensive whole-body training experience.

The assembly process of the Century Fitness Training Station was user-friendly and efficient. It enabled me to quickly set up the unit and dive into my workout journey without any hassle. The exceptional durability and well-designed features made it a valuable addition to my home gym, offering me an all-in-one solution to achieve my fitness goals and take my martial arts training to the next level.

First Impressions On Quality

I wanted to first say how tall this heavy bag stand is. The top of the stand is a little over 7 feet from the ground. So make sure you have enough ceiling space, not only to accommodate the stand but you would also need head room when doing chin ups or even using the dip bar.

With that being said, the Century Fitness Training Station excels in terms of quality, making it a heavy bag stand and fitness station that is reliable and a perfect addition to any home gym. I really like the multi function and diversity it brings.

The heavy bag mounting is strong and easy manages the 80 pound heavy bag. It is advertised that it can take up to 100 pounds just like most of the other heavy bag stands out there, and I think it can easily do that, but you should be taking advantage of the weight pegs at the foot of the bag stand to help weigh down the bag stand more.

The dip bars, chin-up bars, and push-up handles are perfect compliments to a heavy bag stand, during use they felt sturdy and showed no signs of bending or weakening. The dip module offers a solid platform for tricep and chest exercises, while the chin-up bars provide ample space and grip options for various pull-up variations. The push-up handles are thoughtfully designed to allow for a full range of motion during push-up exercises, further enhancing the quality of the upper-body workout experience.

The wide floor space measuring 138 cm in width and 122 cm in length contributes to the overall stability of the Century Fitness Training Station. Even during intense workouts involving kicks or powerful strikes, the unit remains firmly planted.

Overall, the Century Fitness Training Station stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship. Its sturdy and reliable construction, combined with its well-designed features, ensures that users can engage in intense workouts and martial arts training with confidence.


The Century Fitness Training Station proved to be an excellent addition to my home gym, offering versatility and reliable performance. It has a straightforward assembly process and well-designed features making it pretty straightforward to use right away.

It is made to be durable and provide stability. And when working out you don’t feel anything other wise. The station’s quality craftsmanship and multi-functional use showcased its worth as a reliable workout station. For fitness enthusiasts looking to elevate their training, the Century Fitness Training Station is a solid choice.

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