The Century Cornerman Review: Is The Big Size Worth It?

In terms of heavy bag stands, I was most excited to try out the Century Cornerman and see if it lives up to the hype of heavy bag stands.

Mainly due to its unique design, I wanted to see how much of a difference it would make – if any- when compared to the other typically stands.

As expected, the Century Cornerman did not disappoint.

I thought being the design and size that it is, the Century Cornerman would be seem to be oversized in the home gym. Even after measuring and double checking the dimensions I had my doubts. But in the end, for my basement home gym, it fit fine and with it’s design to sit seamlessly in the corner. This bag stand actually felt it was more out of the way than the previous stands I have used.

In this article, we are going to talk about the experience I had with the Century Cornerman, some advantages and disadvantages and with the hefty price tag it comes in, if it would be a good choice for you.

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Overview Of The Century Cornerman

Durability: Made from high-grade steel, the Cornerman is built to last and withstand intense training sessions, providing long-term value for your investment.

Adjustable Height: The stand’s central support beam allows for easy adjustment of the bag’s height, accommodating various bag sizes and different user heights.

180-Degree Access: Unlike some other heavy bag stands, the Cornerman provides unfettered access to the bag from all angles, allowing for footwork and angle training.

Quiet Operation: The design and construction of the stand minimize noise, ensuring a quieter training environment and reducing disturbance to others.

Easy Bag Changes: Swapping out different heavy bags is a breeze with the adjustable height feature, allowing for a versatile and varied training experience.

No Permanent Installation: The freestanding design of the stand eliminates the need for ceiling-based or wall-mounted hangers, making it suitable for renters or those who prefer a non-permanent solution.

Suitable for Different Bags: With a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs, the Cornerman can hold various heavy bag types, including Muay Thai bags and others.

Ideal for Tall Fighters: The adjustable height caters to even the tallest fighters, ensuring a comfortable and effective training experience for individuals of all sizes.

Price: The Corner man bag stand is relatively expensive compared to some other heavy bag stands on the market, which could be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers.

Weight Distribution: Some users have reported that the stand may walk or shift slightly during intense workouts, but this can be resolved by adding sandbags for added stability.

Space Requirement: The stand’s footprint can be quite large due to its design, so it might not be suitable for small or crowded workout spaces.

Not Portable: Once assembled, the Cornerman is not easily portable, making it less convenient if you plan to move or relocate frequently.

The Cornerman heavy bag stand is a top tier stand that offers the perfect combination of quality and value. As a boxing and martial arts enthusiast, I was on the hunt for a heavy bag stand that would not only last a long time. But be accommodating to various workouts.

Unlike many other heavy bag stands on the market, the Cornerman features a central support beam that extends from the unit, allowing for easy hanging of heavy bags. Its adjustable height ranges from 72″ to 102″, making it suitable for various bag sizes, including full-length Muay Thai bags and others weighing up to 100 lbs.

Most stands on the market don’t have nearly enough foot space around the punching bag, leaving only a one way approach in practicing your boxing combos.

Which is why the most impressive aspect of the Cornerman is its thoughtful design that allows for a full 180-degree access to the bag.

I like to move around and practice footwork when doing my bag work and with the bag hanging far away from the wall, I had the freedom to work around it without any restrictions.

The build quality of the Cornerman is excellent, and it offers a quieter training experience compared to cheaper alternatives. While other stands might require additional weight plates or sandbags to prevent rocking during workouts, the Cornerman remains stable and silent due to its wide design but I would still recommend to use sandbags or weights in case it does move overtime.

While some may argue that the price of the Cornerman is higher compared to other stands, I found it well worth the investment. The level of quality, sturdiness, and flexibility it offers sets it apart from the competition. Moreover, this stand is a fantastic addition to my home gym, creating an authentic training environment right in the corner of my room.

The Assembly Of The Cornerman

The assembly of the Cornerman heavy bag stand is a relatively straightforward process that can be completed by following the provided instructions. The stand is shipped unassembled, but the high-quality components and well-designed fittings make the assembly user-friendly. It would be easiest to have someone help you when putting it together.

To start, you’ll receive all the necessary parts, including the steel frame, support beam, legs, nuts, bolts, washers, and plastic end caps. The frame is made of sturdy steel, ensuring durability and stability.

The assembly typically involves fitting the metal pipes together and securing them with the provided screws and wrenches. The nuts, bolts, and washers might be greasy, which is a protective measure against rusting during shipping.

While some assistance is helpful for certain steps, one person can usually manage the assembly process without any issues. The provided instructions will guide you through the steps, making it easier to understand the sequence of assembly.

The assembly of the Cornerman heavy bag stand should take a couple of hours at most, depending on your familiarity with tools and instructions. Once assembled, the stand is ready to hold your heavy bag securely, providing a solid platform for your boxing or martial arts training sessions.

Make And Quality

It’s still pretty recent since I got my hands on the Century Cornerman heavy bag stand, and I must say, the quality is truly impressive. One of its standout features is the construction – it’s made from high-grade steel that feels thick and robust, giving me confidence in its durability.

During my workouts, the stand remains stable and doesn’t wobble, even with intense hitting and kicking on the heavy bag. The design with the two legs spread out vertically provides a solid base, keeping the stand firmly in place.

Adjusting the height is a breeze, thanks to the central support beam. I can easily set it to the right level for my bag, which is great for a more comfortable and effective training session.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the stand operates quietly. There are no loud clanks or rattling noises, so I can focus better during my workouts without causing any disturbance.

Overall, I can see why the Century Cornerman heavy bag stand has earned a reputation for its quality. It’s a well-constructed and reliable piece of equipment that enhances my training experience. I’m confident that this stand will continue to serve me well in my boxing and martial arts workouts for a long time to come.

Is It Meant For A Home Gym

The Century Cornerman heavy bag stand is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to any home gym, providing numerous benefits and enhancing your training experience.

Just be sure to triple check your space to see if you have enough room to house the bag stand.

If you decide to get it, you will find that one of the key advantages of having the Cornerman in your home gym is its versatility. It will accommodate all your boxing or kickboxing needs and you will likely not go back to the smaller types of heavy bag stands.

The adjustable height feature was a game-changer. It wouldn’t be a feature you would constantly need to use, but being able to get the perfect height from the get go brings some peace of mind. Not to mention if you have a partner or children that would like to use the punching bag once in a while, you have the option of adjusting the height to meet their needs as well.

The Cornerman’s freestanding design means it won’t damage your walls or require any permanent installation. It’s easy to set up and fits nicely in the corner, allowing you to optimize your home gym space according to your needs.

Overall, the Century Cornerman is a reliable, space-saving, and versatile heavy bag stand that can take your home gym to the next level. It’s an investment in your training and fitness journey, providing you with the tools to achieve your goals and excel in your chosen martial arts discipline. With its solid build and authentic gym feel, you’ll be motivated to train harder and become the best version of yourself in the comfort of your own home.


While the Century Cornerman heavy bag stand offers many benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. One of the main reasons is its higher price point compared to some other heavy bag stands on the market. For budget-conscious individuals or beginners who are just starting their fitness journey, the cost might be a significant factor.

Additionally, the Cornerman’s large footprint and need for at least 7.5 feet of wall space may not be practical for those with limited room in their home or garage gym. If space is a constraint, a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted heavy bag hanger might be a more suitable option.

Moreover, some users have reported that the stand can move slightly during intense workouts, even with sandbags added to stabilize the legs. While this doesn’t compromise the stand’s overall sturdiness, it could be a concern for individuals who prefer a completely immovable heavy bag setup.

Despite these considerations, the Century Cornerman is perfect for certain individuals and scenarios. It’s an excellent choice for serious martial artists, boxers, and fitness enthusiasts who prioritize durability, versatility, and authentic training experiences. If you have ample space in your home gym and are looking for a stand that accommodates various heavy bag sizes and heights, this is an ideal fit. Also, if you value quiet operation and a solid construction that can handle intense training, the Cornerman is a top-notch option. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a martial arts enthusiast, or simply someone who wants the best equipment for their home gym, the Century Cornerman heavy bag stand is a worthy investment for a satisfying and productive training journey.

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