Cobra Reflex Bag Or Double End Bag: Which Is Right For You

In boxing, when you are looking to build speed and accuracy in your punches. There are two pieces of equipment that just stand out from the rest. Although the purpose of each bag are similar, there are some differences that can make either a reflex bag or double end bag right for you.

Both the Cobra reflex bag and Double end bag are designed to vibrate or swing when being hit. The idea is to mimic an opponent hitting back. Many boxers use these punching bags to get some conditioning workout in while working on the defensive body movements and foot work.

One of the many benefits of the Cobra reflex bag is its portability. It is easy to set up and move around your home or gym. It has a heavy duty feel to it, making it more durable and can with stand heavier punches. In fact, it takes a bit more power to get the ball moving and continue moving, meaning it will be a great workout.

The double end bag, on the other hand is a bit more lightweight, it requires much left effort in bouncing the bag back and forth so light punches can go a long way. What could be an issue with a double end bag is the way you need to set it up. It is a small bag that is suspended from the ceiling and the floor, so moving it around wouldn’t be possible.

Between the two options it will come down to what you want from your workout, what type of space you have and budget. A reflex bag comes at a higher price tag but can give a better workout. Where as a double end bag is much cheaper but after securing to the ceiling and floor could be difficult and not ideal for portability.

Cobra Reflex Bag Vs Double End Bag – The Breakdown

Finding the right equipment to help build endurance, speed, coordination and accuracy can be overwhelming. Especially one you’re looking to set up in your home for the long term. The two best options would be the Reflex Bag and Double End Bag, lets break it down and see which one would be a good fit for you.

The Workout:

Double end bags are designed to help boxers improve their hand-eye coordination and accuracy. They are typically small and fast-moving. It takes less force to get a big swing from the reflex bags which makes them ideal to specifically work on speed and accuracy. Because you’re using less force you will likely able to go longer practicing punches at more of your own pace.

Reflex bags, on the other hand, are designed to perform the same way. However, the bag itself sits on a metal spring and is freestanding. You will typically require more effort to make the bag swing significantly making it more of a power and accuracy type of workout. The punching bag swings at with an arc formation making it a better source to work on defensive movements and footwork.


Double end bags are going to be less expensive. The materials you will be getting is much less then a reflex bag. You’re essentially getting a ball that you inflate, and two elastic cords from the local hardware store. Some double end bags do come with the cords as well.

Reflex bags will come with a much larger price tag. This is because they are larger and require more material to produce. It may also feel like you have a piece of equipment that is better at taking a beating, however if any parts are damaged it is unlikely you will be able to find a replacement.


Double end bags are typically smaller than reflex bags. Overall they may take up less space, but where you decide to set it up will likely be the place it has to remain. Having it tethered from floor to ceiling isn’t ideal to be switching up rooms. However, they are easy to put away when not being used. Simply just unhook and pack.

Reflex bags, on the other hand, are larger and heavier than double end bags. They are mounted on a stand, which makes them ideal for home use. Because it is a free standing type of punching bag. You can move it around as you please if you find you need to make room. The bag itself can be a bit thicker since it is filled with foam and padding.

What It Is Good For:

Double end bags are practical for boxers who want to improve their hand-eye coordination and speed. They are small and fast-moving, and can allow you to be hyper focussed with tuning your accuracy. It wouldn’t take much to get the double end bag moving, meaning working on your punches at a slower pace is a viable option.

Reflex bags are practical for boxers who want to improve their reflexes, reaction time, coordination while getting a workout at the same time. They are larger and mounted on a stand, and requires a bit more power to fully utilize its potential. The metal spring wouldn’t budge much if you’re lightly tapping it, so be prepared to get a full body workout when using a reflex bag.

What Is A Reflex Bag

A reflex bag, also known as a cobra reflex bag is a free standing punching bag that boxers will use to to build coordination, reflex, speed and defensive movements. What make this different from other typical punching bags is that how the bag is used. Most punching bags are meant to take hits, where the reflex bag could also hit back.

Reflex bags sit on a spring that rocks back and forth when being hit. The harder you hit the quicker and harder it will move. Making it a good source for a boxer to attack and dodge all in the same workout.

In addition to improving natural reflexes, the reflex bags can also help fighters develop better punching technique and power. By striking a smaller target, fighters can focus on developing accuracy and precision in their punches.

It is also a source for low-impact form of training that is easy on the joints. Unlike traditional heavy bags, which can put a lot of strain on the wrists and shoulders, reflex bags are designed to be more forgiving and responsive, reducing the risk of injury during training.

There could be a learning curve with such a reponsive bag, but it is still a suitable choice for those who are just starting out boxing. It will take a bit of practice but with consistency it can become a must have type of workout in your boxing routine.

What is A Double End Bag

A double end bag, also known as a floor-to-ceiling bag, is a piece of boxing equipment that is designed to improve a fighter’s speed, accuracy, and rhythm. It consists of a small ball-shaped target suspended from two elastic cords, one attached to the floor and the other attached to the ceiling. The target is typically made of leather or synthetic materials and is filled with air to provide a springy and responsive surface for striking.

One of the main benefits of using a double end bag is that it helps fighters improve their hand-eye coordination and reaction time. The unpredictable movement of the bag requires fighters to be quick on their feet and to react quickly to changes in direction.

In addition to improving reflexes, double end bags can also help with working on a boxers timing and rhythm. The punching bag or ball itself is relatively light since being filled with only air and when being mildly punched, you can get a good springy action to use with lighter punches where you want to focus on timing and routine rather than strength and power.


The Cobra reflex bag and Double end bag are two pieces of equipment used in boxing to improve speed, accuracy, endurance, coordination and defensive movements. While both bags are designed to give great workouts in building technical boxing skills.

They have differences that make one more suitable for the type of boxing workouts you will be doing.

The Cobra reflex bag is more durable, will require more power, so I’d recommend this punching bag if your want more of a full body boxing workout that is geared more towards power punches.

The double end bag is cheaper, requires less force to move, and is designed to improve hand-eye coordination and accuracy. This should be your go to if you’re fine tuning your boxing skills. Whether its footwork, boxing combos or just simple timing.

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